JimmyTheRabbit’s SWL ExtraLife Memorial Celebrity Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For The Cure II

JimmyTheRabbit’s SWL ExtraLife Memorial Celebrity Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For The Cure II

November 5th - 6th Live on Twitch

Brand new character marathon run in Secret World Legends

  • For every $25 donated (up to $500) 1 mile will be walked on the treadmill while playing Secret World Legends

  • $500 stretch goal - if we hit $500 I will play Secret World Legends using my electric guitar as a controller WHILE also walking on the treadmill for at least 1 mission (maybe Cost of Magic???)

  • Donator’s can receive an in game Extra Life t-shirt (please notate your in game character name when you donate if you want this!)

  • Since I won’t have days to earn in game currency to help with the gearing process during the run, any money I spend in game to help speed up the run I will also personally match in donations.

If you have any other stretch goal ideas feel free to post them.

If you choose to you can donate ahead of the actual date(s) and I will keep track of the miles as well as give out shirts as timely as I can.

Hope to see you guys out there!

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$635 raised!

29 and half hour stream (Friday 2pm to Saturday 7:30pm)
22 and half hours on the treadmill
46.2 miles walked on the treadmill

/played time:
MarathonWoaMan has played for 1 day 5 hours 13 minutes 26 seconds.

powered by:
9 margaritas
4 mountain dews
1 jersey mikes giant sub
1 string cheese
and hand fulls of honey roasted peanuts

and as my oldest son put it:

“daddy you are made of insanity!”

Cost of Magic on treadmill with guitar as controller highlight:

it begins!

16 and half hours in, sitting on the treadmill with an ice pack for my feet.

18 and half hours in, Cost of Magic on treadmill, with electric guitar as the controller.

the finish line!


Such awesome work! :slight_smile:

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