Join Crom's Refuge: PS4 PvP Server


I would like to extend an invite to a fairly new server that is only a few weeks old: Crom’s Refuge. This is a 24/7 PvP server, with no offline raiding, slightly boosted, with optional light RP. The admins are experienced players (I have been playing since release) and the server is paid off for 6 months with a possibility for extension based on interest. Server events are generally held on a Biweekly Basis, map rooms can be found at each Obelisk and there is an Admin Shop with a special Glowing Gem Economy for endgame loot. Our goal is to provide quality of life improvements (with 5x harvesting and reduced crafting cost), while still maintaining enough challenge to have fun and experience the game (Drop Loot on Death is ON). The sever is currently password protected. Please join the discord (link: MP4pCVs) for the server rules and password. We look forward to growing a rich and helpful community of like minded players. See you in the exiled lands!

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