Just a reminder about lag, and what happens when it lags. :)

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Para 7 de FPS seria como o GOKU no modo DEUS :sweat_smile: e todos que jogam JXJ sabem que FPS baixo é sinal de LAG sim. Resumindo não tem como dizer que não sabe que está com LAG ou desync

Seriously are you for real? Or are you just a troll? I KNOW THAT IT IS LAGGING, but I dont know i have d sync in form off invis animations. But everyone is d syncing when server is like that. You can even see in my POV that he is lagging aswell, should he get banned too? No, he shouldnt. And if he would have his toggledebugHUD on you would have seen that he had similar ping as me or even higher. Should he be banned for that? No. I shouldnt either.

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É estranho ver você falar que todos estão a mais de 300ms. Tem uma aba dentro do suporte que ajuda informar o desempenho do servidor https://funcom.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new mas geralmente pessoal joga e lembra do forum apenas quando leva BAN. Você deveria reportar sobre o desempenho do servidor mas geralmente a maioria não informa. O servidor oficial que eu jogo 1977 fica na maioria do tempo desligado então temos que jogar em servidor privado por não ter um servidor ligado 100% mas quando está ligado fica bom porém tem muita base gigante que faz travar tudo. A funcom somente resolve se alguém reportar e provávelmente devem ser as bases gigantes que estão prejudicando o servidor. A questão é que você pode ser banido por jogar com LAG ou baixo FPS para tentar resolver entre em contato com o suporte no link acima. Você deve ler com calma e entender melhor as regras
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O bip que mostra no clipe nunca escutei mas vou pesquisar mais sobre também fiquei curioso

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Lei abaixo a parte onde fala que ao usar um Exploits para obter vantagens injusta. Falando sério a maioria sabe que é trapaça sim.

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Already explained what the sound is. When I push my push to talk button you hear that sound. My voice is muted in the video.

Try not to learn me how the game acts or works. I know already. And wdym why should I report an issue with high ping that’s been a thing for officials for over 5 years?

I clearly could tell you are trolling right now. Tyvm for that.

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You’re suggesting that he’s exploiting which he is not.

You’re misunderstanding what is happening.

Read the entire thread if you have not to get context as to why he didn’t do anything wrong.

I will update more when Zendesk done their job.

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É verdade e muito bem lembrado @Xevyr geralmente a funcom não informa por que foi banido. Estamos discutindo sobre suposição quando o assunto ou motivo do banimento pode ser outro como um assunto toxico no chat ou ofensas. É cedo de mais para ficar cobrindo o choro aqui

you are clueless buddy, if you play on any popular official server with “toggledebughud” turned on you’ll see that your ping will be 300+ if there are 30 or more players on the server. It is for everyone.
I was on the server dorpie was playing on at the same time he was, my ping was in the 400s.
If we shouldn’t be allowed to play on servers when the performance is that bad then the server should just turn itself off. I’m not about to log out and let my base get offline raided because the server performance is bad and everyone’s ping is high lol.
Your argument if it is to be believed would mean the entirety of the server population should be banned omegaLUL. Read a book.

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Entenda que o motivo ninguém sabe. Até o momento então sem ter ideia por que ele foi banido. Estou alertando sobre as regras para não haver mais susto quando a informação do apelo de reporte chegar. Lembrando que tem a novidade das regras de falso reporte que também pode dar banimento.

That rule can’t be enforced. There’s no way to authenticate who made the Zendesk report. I could submit a Zendesk report saying that I’m player A and that player B is breaking the rules, and Funcom has no way of knowing whether I’m really player A.


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Não tem como falar ou dizer que eu não fiz a leitura de tudo isso que estão discutindo. O jogador @dorpie deve entrar em contato com o suporte não tem como fugir disso. Mas o choro é livre espero que tudo isso seja um mau entendido pois estão desabafando sobre uma questão que ainda está sendo resolvida pois nem mesmo sabem o motivo real do banimento.

Tem como saber sim o ip é uma das formas de saber. Repare que o Zendesk envia uma pergunta para que você possa confirmar em seu email. Geralmente pessoal tem que entrar em contato com o suporte via email relatando o problema.

I have already, so no you havent read all the thread. You just one of this denying people I wanted to show. But guess you cant turn everyone around lol.

There’s would be no reason for an actual hacker to make a post in the forums actually about a ban appeal. If the case was that I was cheating I would probably just buy a new account. But since this is not the case I wont. I dont wanna spend money on something that im not sure about gonna deal with situations like this in a correct way.


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OK. Desejo sorte para resolver este problema de coração boa sorte! Mas tenho que dizer que essa discursão acabou me lembrando de informar sobre o desempenho do servidor que eu jogo 1977 que estava OFF até algumas horas e enquanto falava enviei o reporte relatando o problema e já voltou a funcionar após resete diário via Zendesk eu adorei poder jogar hoje :star_struck:

"Saudações exilado,

Recebemos seu relatório oficial de problemas de desempenho do servidor… "

Your e-mail is not associated to your Funcom account. And it’s trivially easy to submit a Zendesk report from an IP different from the one you use to play.

You either don’t understand well what “authentication” means, or you simply haven’t given this enough thought.

I can say one thing and that is that video evidence is one of the worst forms an admin can have to use. For example, the video linked by the OP has no indication on what server they are playing on. It could be a company provided server. It might be a private server. I can likely rule out coop and obviously singleplayer, but that’s it.

Videos can be taken anywhere. And half the time they’re a mess. In my experience screenshots are better, for most things. Now screenshots can’t show what video can such as hacking, lagging, and other in motion things. They’re only good to see where something happened.

But again. In either case, both can be fabricated. When you have a player trying to get another banned. Usually its because of some animosity and hostility. It means facts are going to be obscured, details left out, and in many cases (way more than you’d think) fabrication happens.

Whenever I’ve dealt with bannable infractions reported to me, I never relied solely on video or image evidence. I would use them to get an idea of where I should be looking. One of the great things about landclaim spam is that you don’t need video or image evidence. Screenshots help look in an area and that is it. But if the area is described enough, I’m pretty sure I’ll find it. Even better if coordinates are provided.

When dealing with hacking. Well that requires eyes on the player in the act. Now I won’t say video is entirely useless in this regard. If you’re a server admin with intimate knowledge on a server (impossible for a company provided server), then it can help. It definitely makes forgeries harder.

But how would everyone respond to a video showing the same area in the OP. But instead of some questionable maybe lag maybe not. We show it from another point of view with him flying around, ghosting into objects (in the floating animation, showing its an actual ghost/fly command at work). Because that can easily be fabricated in this sense. The area they are fighting is easily recreated in creative mode. Getting a few peeps together to film something is also easy, matching gear… totally easy given zero mods are in play to increase the combinations into the hundreds of thousands.

Would everyone change their tune and ‘burn the witch’ so to speak? Possibly.

Point is, I don’t see it likely that a ban resulting from a single posted video is getting someone banned. Because if they do… then there is absolutely no reason to play on those servers. I could get every forum user I had a disagreement with banned tonight if that was the case.

I’m not suggesting that there wasn’t a false ban here. Only that a single video probably wasn’t the cause. But like I said, if it was. You all are wasting your time on those servers. If they have a ban on one piece of sketchy evidence policy, then chances are they aren’t getting better. No matter how much people squirm and cry for it. Having a policy like that doesn’t mean they don’t care. They despise you.

We’re not talking apathy. We’re talking straight animosity.


I am pretty sure that’s the case, you dont need to give them more evidence. :slight_smile: I have reported cheaters in similar way, by recording. Giving them the ID and then poof they gone.

If its true, then yeah, its entirely a waste of time. Everyone should consider up and leaving for a better moderated spot. Let FC pay for empty servers.

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