Just Finished the Quest "A Cowardly God" and can't collect the Award

I just completed the quest “A Cowardly God”, but didn’t realize I had no inventory space. I closed the window, but now the Quest receiver (Deiric in Connal’s Valley) no longer has the quest to turn in and I don’t have the award. Can you award the Medium Shoulder armor to my Bear Shaman Character (Valeentia), as she was the character that completed it.


Did you check your Claims? I would give it a shot.

Good luck

At the border of your mini map there should be a new icon with a “!” in it. If you click on that symbol / button, the reward window will open again and you can select the reward you want (and get the EXP for completing the quest).

Nope, nothing there, I had some Mail, but nothing else…