Quest BUG 'The Gift of Healing' Achievment Blocked

Can’t start/finish this quest in Cimerria : Conarch Village : NPC : Kaen (X: 143, Y: 472)
Quest : The Gift of Healing (obtain 1x Styx Crocodile Tears and 1x Powdered Maple Root)
…and yes I completed the previus one "A rare delicacy’’

This is the last quest I need to fill my Questing Achievment in Cimmeria, but I can’t finish it…
The thing started when Kutchemes launched, wanted to test it out, my account was F2P at the moment, and I had 31/30 quests in my journal, couldn’t enter RF cause I didn’t have more quest space - so I fast deleted two… in this case it was ‘‘The Gift of Healing’’. After I subbed again and got more slots for quest I decided to complete some achievements, and there started the problem - the NPC who gave me the quest ‘KAEN’ in Conarch ignores me, of course this one is shareable - but it hint’s that I am doing it right now or have it completed (system information showed on players who wanted to share it with me). First I thought maybe it’s the fault of the quest items still being in my quest inventory (Styx Crocodile Tears and Powdered Maple Root)yeah the quest was in it’s final stage to deliver those items to NPC… so I deleted them, relogged and trie again - but nothing.
Tried to check the quests on the Chronicle of Deeds, but nothing helped.

I sent a petition 9 days ago, and didn’t get any answer in the game or in the mail… players in game suggested to Use the FORUM, cause it works faster sometimes… your loyal player since 2009

Thanks, GM restored the quest to last phase and icluded the Quest Items… I could finish it :slight_smile: thanks again !

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Gather the quest item(s) 1 Styx Crocodile Tears and 1 Powdered Maple Root.

personally, I would delete the quest and items and start fresh