Quest with "curse of flies" Sanctum location

Doing quest clicked on artifact and chest opened and glow went away, ran back to Er Emnet and it kept asking me for artifact!! Ran back to double check that I had it but glow was gone. Ran back to quest giver and couldn’t finish quest.
I figured Id just delete and do it over but now I am stuck in a continuous loop of:
New Quest: “The Curse of Flies”
Goal Completed: “Obtain Curse”
Quest Task finished: “One Step Ahead”
Quest Task failed: “Two Steps Ahead”
New Task: “A Painful Curse”
I cant figure out how to finish; it allows me to keep resetting the “flies timer” but I can finish the task!!! Any ideas? I sent petition in but no reply. Oh, of course this is on my unconq toon; arghhhh!

well I waited for the timer to run out figuring I would die… alas I did not!!! Whew. Not sure if a GM intervened or just got lucky. I’d like to think both :slight_smile: