Just got a update for conan on Xbox

So I’m on the east coast and a friend of mine sent me a message saying update for conan so i reset my Xbox and sure enough update baby :heart_eyes:Thanks for letting me know suthainn

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Is it the siptah update?

Don’t know i also got a store update

Oooh exciting I’ll have to check mine

Yeah I had to reset mine because it wasn’t there at first then it was after i reset :smiley:

103gb… oh joy.


Lol right glad I got 200 meg internet

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Nothing on MS store…yet. Conan Exiles base game just went live on Game Pass.

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Yeah same here I’m just happy that where getting the update now

It is out!

The Siptah DLC will be live in around 3h from the time of this post. Just a little longer!


Isle of Siptah now available on MS store 26.95 aud 3.2gb

They’ve butchered the graphics on Series X. I hate it. Pre-patch it was looking heaps better and ran at 60 fps. Now performance mode is total garbage and you’re forced to choose between that potato mode and good graphics in 30 fps.

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