*KATTEGAT PVE-C PS4/5 AMERICA-EXILES MAP looking for players to join our community! Active player shops! Pvp-24:7 HELPFUL COMMUNITY EVENTS EVERY WEEKEND. 10x xp epic starter

We are looking for more roleplay, PVE, PVe-C players! This server is relaxed and all about community We welcome player owned shops, new players and seasoned
If you want to be apart of an incredible community please check us out.

Serve-pve-c -exiles map-RP
10x boosted
Pvp 24/7
Epic starter
Welcome in goodie bag
Kattegat community hub
Donation center
Welcome center
Helpful community
Weekend raid events only ,siege, wars, arena battles, Dungeons
Weekly games and events
Fashion shows,horse races
Active Player owned shops

Currency is gold and silver coins/ or discord coins
In game bank

Roleplay available not mandatory
Custom artist for character creations

Join our discord and come check us out discord is —> discord.gg/kattegatconan