Khari warrior and raider scroll names wrong/swapped

Game mode: [Online - official PvE]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

On my first clear of the wine cellar, I got the “Khari warrior scroll” and was quite happy. Went back to my base and in the wine-cellar chest I had another Khari warrior scroll… Which was made no sense, as it was added with the patch.

Clicked on the new scroll -> “you learn Khari RAIDER”
Clicked on the older Khari warrior scroll -> “you learn Khari RAIDER”

So my guess is, the scroll names are wrong/swapped.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Clear wine cellar dungeon
  2. Get “Khari warrior armor scroll”
  3. When you learn it, you learn “Khari RAIDER”

I admin spawned Raider scroll and it gave Raider recipe. There is not a Warrior scroll to spawn, so I am not sure how to get one, other than keeping at teh dungeon. There is an Overseer in admin panel though.

Very strange… But it was like that for me at the weekend…

Was quite happy to get the warrior roll in the first run. Went to my base and saw another Warrior roll in my chest, which made no sense.

Clicked on both and both displayed at the right side of the screen “learned Khari RAIDER”.

Can you try to reproduce it? Maybe with admin panel? That’s weird, warrior scroll gave me warrior armor a couple of days ago.

I play at official server… And seeing that many people have problems with the Khari warrior armor.

Maybe you clicked on Khari raider armor scroll and therefore have it? I only made wine cellar 1 time. Can make it tonight and see what will drop…

Hey @jot29

Following the rabbithole from a PC thread.
Thanks for the observation, we’ve sent it to our team so it can be looked into.

There is sth wrong… but I dont know what.

There should be Khari soldier and raider from previous Patch and new should be Khari overseer…

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