Khari Warrior Recipe unlocks nothing craftable?

Learning / using recipe from Wine-Cellar boss does not add to the khari raider/soldier in armor crafting.

  1. Which recipe? There are 3.

  2. Are you using any mods? If so, verify the issue occurs without mods via a single player test save.

  3. Keep in mind also that they are crafted at a crafting station, and not on your person.


  1. No mods

  2. Other recipes are unlocked but warrior recipe grants nothing even when using it multiple times.

Works on my test runs, they are setup in the dev kit correctly as well.

And also, it’s pictured in your screenshot (Khari Raider armor is what is unlocked from the Khari Warrior Armor, and its the first set of armor in your screenshot).

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I found out that at the weekend: Khari warrior and raider scroll names wrong/swapped

Hey @Potatoes

We’ve sent this information to our team along with @jot29’s report so they can look into it.
Thanks for the feedback.


So is Warrior the same as Overseer? Different localizations for the different descriptions? Admin panel only has Soldier, Raider and Overseer scroll options for me in North America.

Maybe? There should be 3. 2x light and 1 medium armor.

Warrior sounds like a heavy to me, so I keep getting my hopes up. However if it really is another light, then if they revert dodge back, then I’ll be more excited for that :slight_smile:

There is NO heavy… 2xlight and 1 medium. A new light was added, for god knows why :smiley:

That’s a shame, I was also excited that logically a Heavy variant of the Khari set was added.

Since previously the Khari Raider and Khari Soldier recipes were the only two armor recipes available.
Adding in Khari warrior recipe that replaced the old Khari Raider recipe whilst also adding in Khari Overseer as a second light set to the item list seems a bit illogical.

Hopefully Hopefully the addition of overseer was meant to re-align the armor classes of the other two and create 1 of each rather than 2 light.

@Ignasi @jot29 Thanks for the replies.

@Multigun Thanks for checking devkit, that’s what threw me off, pre-patch the Khari raider came from the khari raider recipe and soldier from soldier. Thought the Warrior was the 3rd recipe added but looks like it was just raider recipe renamed.


Ah and at least in the PTR it was the Overseer:

Good question what Khari warrior should be…

Khari soldier and Khari raider were the old ones.

The Khari raider scroll was kinda renamed to Khari warrior.

There is definitly something not 100% correct…

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