Wine Celler Dungeon question

Was just wondering what the Khari steel is used for besides Raider armor… Can you get anything but light armor scroll from the last boss??

Also my thrall was fighting air inside the dungeon.

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The Khari steel is for the 2 sets of armor and the Khari weapons. You get all three recipes from the final boss. It also has the chance to drop 2 legendary weapons.

When you’re thrall is attacking the air it is because there is an enemy below the ground. much like when the thrall is trying to kill a rocknose beneath the surface. Best way to fix it is to run away.


Btw is the armor heavy or medium?

Armor is light and medium. No heavy this time around Raider is light, Soldier is Medium.


Thank you.

I’ve got just the weapon recipe from final Boss. did I miss something?

You get a single scroll at a time… May take multiple tries to get all 3 scrolls.


Paired with the current bug, that the boss only spawns once every hour, thats some annoying mechanic…

The video by just a horse shows a heavy armor but it’s definitely not in the game. I wonder why they cut it.

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