New Khari Steel uses


Earlier today, I was doing the Wine Cellar dungeon to acquire a Khari Waterskin and some Khari recipes for trading to people.

I also left the dungeon with a fresh haul of Khari Steel after snagging all of the chests and executing some minibosses who where asking for it. But when I was dropping my loot off back home, I realized the space I had allocated for Khari Steel was completely used up.

I have five rows in a chest filled with stacks, plus an extra full stack and change. That’s over 2600 bars of Khari Steel in storage… and nothing to do with it.

Khari Steel is only used to make Khari armor and weapons, and if you don’t want any Khari gear, there is nothing else to use it for.

But collecting Khari Steel is fun, I don’t want to run past the chests without grabbing them, and if a Remnant sticks me in the backside with his weapon, you’d better be sure he is about to pay for that sin by forking over his Khari Steel in restitution.

And I am not going to toss all my hard-won shiny bars of Khari Steel on the ground, I am going to keep them.

But now I have to find more space to stick these dumb things because I have no use for them.

(main point)

Please add some sort of decorations or something that requires Khari Steel. Something that I can build more than one of to use these things on. I hardly care what it is or what it costs to make it, I just need something that isn’t a weapon or armor that I can sink excess Khari Steel into.


Ooo… A Khari building :office: set sounds awesome!


It probably would be, but also incredibly unlikely to ever happen.

I need something that could actually exist to spend my Khari Steel on.

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you could make khari overseer outfits for everyone in your base for a thrall-based re-enactment of Michael Jackson’s “Remember The Time” video.

You can even have use the lvl 50 Stygian heavy set so someone can be Eddie Murphy as Pharaoh.

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An amount of 2600 Khari steel bars will be difficult to use up. That’s some serious farming, mate!

Some ideas:

  • If Khari armor was more useful on thralls, that’d help. The armor and stats they give are pretty much wasted on Thralls, which is sad due to their unique look. Maybe add a heavy armor set or change the weight and stats of existing Khari armor.
  • Khari steel arrows would be easy to implement. Maybe give them some unique effect such as applying sunder or bleed.
  • Equipment for undead has been asked for several times. I guess that’s difficult to implement, but what about risen Khari warriors that come with Khari armor and different weapon sets on them, even if just for the aesthetics and weapon combos? Could be crafted like regular skeletons, but cost additional Khari steel.

It might help, but armor and weapons will always be a finite sink until you make as many as you need.

This is a more interesting option. I had thought of it, but didn’t really consider it too much as I didn’t think it would offer anything that other arrows didn’t. However, I thought about it some more…

The description of Khari Steel says This steel bar is extremely malleable and tough. This seems to imply it is softer than ordinary steel.

Perhaps Khari arrows would have very low (or zero) penetration. Without maintaining a hard edge, I am not sure Bleed would fit, but a soft-tipped arrow inflicting Sunder would be interesting, especially if it has to use this status effect to counter its lack of penetration.

I wouldn’t be opposed to this, but I doubt it would really serve as a Khari Steel sink unless you really loved the look of Khari Remnants and made your entire army out of them, which I couldn’t see myself doing.

Khari steel like obsidian have always seemed to me to be a good source of inspiration for building elements and other equipment, we had discussed this in an old thread, I like to imagine this option of inspiration stashed in a small chest, behind the desk of a team member ready to jump on it if given the opportunity :joy:


Khari Bows + Obsidian Arrows.

Did you try that? :slight_smile:

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It was some months ago that @CodeMage started a conversation about balancing the Siptah gear with Exile lands. It would be nice to see a new series of gear that will use khari steel, obsidian and dragon bones. Still we have to remember that we already have a lot of weapons and armor sets and the tragic part is that for balancing in the past some really good weapons, had to be nerfed. So I will drow my card in to the building aspect too. There is a conversation the last week’s about a new look on drawbridge, which is totally right and more “necessary” than new gear. Other than that I could see a new form of trebuchet bomb that requires khari steel, since there as well the variant is really low.


Personally I don’t see them adding it purely for balance reasons. There’s already two T3 material variants and black ice (up until the duping started) was dominant as the cheapest option. Khari steel is inherently level/difficult locked to later in the game than the rest, so would never see pracitcal use. Would a committed player build out of it for pure flex? Absolutely. Would it see common use by the other 90% of the community? Absolutely not. Adding harder to obtain T3 variants would just be wasted asset resources for how niche in use they’d be.

I’d be all for more khari gear though, maybe more craftable legendaries using it instead of star metal/eldarium

Similar idea - an addition to alchemy via * drumroll * Transmutation!

Add recipes to convert khari steel to other materials i.e. star metal/eldarium/what-have-you. Doesn’t need to stop there either. Already a precedent for it in the game, though that is counted as a divine act of Derketo.

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That would be interesting, but if Khari Steel is a softer metal, I can’t see it working as a top-tier weapon material. That also wouldn’t provide much of a metal sink.

I believe T3 building pieces made with Khari Steel is incredibly unlikely for all of the reasons you gave, but having expensive placeables that people can make for flex makes much more sense. Like a metal statue that requires 50 Khari Steel to craft is more in line with what I was thinking.

Khari Steel into Eldarium would be super convenient, and I would love that option. Unfortunately, I doubt Funcom would go for it.

I am not sure how the lore would work for it either. Eldarium is kind of weird, being easy to work with, but harder than anything natural. Maybe mixing Khari Steel, Star Metal, and Hardened Steel together would make something like Eldarium.

Eldarium is meant to be representative of a metal out of this world. It’s shaped and tempered with sorcerous methods. It doesn’t have to follow the rules of nature because it’s very existence represents an exemption to the rules. If it were made out of khari steel, I’d say the most lore friendly way would have to be mixing it with black ice, a fragment of power, and bonus points for being done at the volcanic forge

That’s why it’s transmutation. It’s magic done by alchemical means. Is doing something like turning lead into gold any different? It’s the whole point of alchemy!

How about using it to craft decorative items like oak trees? We can call them Khari Oak Trees. :crazy_face:

I was thinking Star Metal to be otherworldly.

However, its description says Recovered from a vault and reforged with hardened steel, so I think Hardened Steel has to be included and Hardened Steel is made with Black Ice.

Fragment of Power might make sense, but only if you were making Scraps that then needed to be further processed into Eldarium, as 1 fragment per 1 bar would be excessive.

Correct me if I am wrong, I am not a lore expert, but I don’t think transmutation alchemy was featured in Conan lore.

Hi, I am (self proclaimed @ me if you wanna fight about it)

I’d have to double check some sources to say definitively, but there is several examples of transformation of objects and entities into other things. Not quite the way of philosopher’s stone style transmutation, but transformation is definitely an existing component.

There’s a whole lot of stuff in the game that was never featured but is still there and that doesn’t mean it would be out of place given how sorcery and all things associated were handled by REH. Running the gamut of dudes conversing with interplanar demons and making homemade hand grenades from glass orbs, the endeavor of achieving transubstantiation isn’t a large ask.

Be careful what you say there, I am willing to call you a lore expert without a fight, and if we did fight, I’d whoop you and make you say anything I wanted.

Get to work then, we need to know how to transmute Khari Steel into Eldarium.

Well for one thing - In Xuthal of the Dusk (set right around the time of CE) the inhabitants of Xuthal whip up their food from “the primal elements” though whether its transmutation or something akin to the replicators from star trek is up to debate.