Quality of Life and Other Gaming Suggestions from a homebrew gamer and Dungeon-master for years. :)

So a few suggestions will be upcoming, just starting the thread so I can then make my suggestions in a cohesive and connected posting, because I have many many ideas that I can share. I hope the developers take notice of me, because my hobby is game development. :slight_smile: It’s very fun for me to think of these ideas for any game I play, or just ideas for games in general. :slight_smile: I’ll be limiting my ideas to things we can include in conan exiles. Although I’d love to share some concepts for new games I doubt a forum is a professional way to discuss some of that. :slight_smile: I could see it being an open door leading to that though.

might I suggest using the search option to make sure these suggestions are not duplicating others, and if expanding already presented suggestions, perhaps include links or quotes.

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So firstly, I believe that steelfire is an excellent creation, however only being able to make it from Tar and Brimstone is limiting. I would like to see Steelfire craftable from coal at a ratio of 4 coal to 1 steelfire, with an advanced T4 alchemist further reducing the production costs 2 coal to 1 steelfire.

Concept #2

I believe that mud would be an interesting resource to include in the game, along with the addition of beavers and otters small animals that when raised would gather or generate mud, which could then be fired into bricks in the furnace. I feel that a ratio of 25 mud to produce 5 bricks would be a positive place to begin. The otters would also produce fish oil as a byproduct, while the beavers would make wood chips to serve as a supplement for bark needs. This is to streamline the game in the same way that Rocknoses assist in that regard.

as a slight offshoot of above, beaver and otter furs would be a nice addition to the clothing styles for all the exiles. :slight_smile: both visually and purposeful. a fur set based on the two species could serve to provide a constant enhanced soothing effect beyond the standard you get. Basically take the soothing effect and +1 it as a trait of a new fur set. The beavers could perhaps become a more available fur source not to mention that both species would add new life to the rivers and swamps.

My third idea is adding in totemic magic, basically a shrine revering an animal/nature spirit to provide an experience for those who love their pets.

a totem magic system could be used to customize pets before they are deployed.

as a spin-off of this I had the idea that Corrupt and Pure energies exist and that two structures connected to Chaos(Corruption) and Order(Purity) could be introduced to generate some of the feel that a more active magical system would have, rather than a more passive based system like the totems I suggested above.

I’m wanting to get back to my gameplay, but I’ll probably expand on this concepts in more detail at a future date. I hope that this catches the eyes. See ya later, Community members and Development Team. :slight_smile:

Do you want the Devs to take over your ideas or some of them or do you definitely want to see this in the game? If so - and you said your Hobby is Game Development- then what’s about Modding? Any of your ideas would be doable by mods…

I originally suggested that Funcom should introduce Mudbricks as a new T1 or T2 building material back in January with my second suggestions list. It was at first tied to a concept biome I devised known as the Black Marshlands or ‘Bog’ biome, as both a new resource and building type.

Here was a brief description I posited in another thread. Although I now feel it would be better off as a T2 building material.

Another potential building material is one I suggested in my most recent suggestions list. Create clay/mud nodes, and make ‘Mudbrick’ a new T1 building material. A mudbrick: a mixture mud with a binding material such as straw (plant fibre and ‘clay’). Mudbricks are known to have been used since around 7000-6000 BC. Furthermore, since 4000 BC, mudbricks have also been fired, to increase their strength and durability. Here are two possibilities in one material.

I later suggested that instead of adding in a new biome, we could simply add in some Mud/Clay nodes along the river bank or shoreline, but more suitibly in the Jungle biome due to its environmental conditions (ie-high rainfall).

I also campaigned for Mudbricks in a number other threads, but it would seem that I couldnt get a bite on this one. A shame, as it is such a simple and workable idea as you yourself know. It is also a concept which even the most simple of savages could understand. It is good to have another voice in the choir Eladrin. Let us hope we can gain some traction.

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@Croms_Faithful I think that specifically introducing a building set based on mudbricks would be wasteful. It’d be far easier to incorporate into the game and the existing mechanics if the resource mud is introduced by itself with the capacity to be refined into a furnace I/II or the kiln at various rates, as I mentioned 25 mud to 5 bricks is ideal in a furnace I/II and potentially cheaper in a kiln as kilns are designed to fire clay and mud. so perhaps 20 mud to 10 bricks in a kiln would be reasonable, especially if we also consider implementing a radium fuel aura, something that generates passive radium energy that could be funneled into a nearby structure. Similar to how electricity is funneled into the structures that require it in another game that I love Aven Colony. One could apply a energy rating to anything radium which could then serve to supplement structures that utilize fuel. One may have to consider introducing a line of structures like a Radium Furnace, Stove and such that draw their fuel costs from Radium Torches, or like the preserving bins function with ice, except with a radium piece. I’ve no idea if others have considered this with their suggestions as it is a large forum it’d be nigh impossible to view all others suggestions but I think introducing radium gems as a unlimited fuel for a new structure line would be beneficial particularly if the said structures allow you to employ multiple thralls at the same workstation. It’d be wonderful to have two smelters working a forge, or two cooks at the same stove setup, would even be cool if the stove had a working sink that could serve as a water supply. I would imagine that one of the things that might be worrisome to the development team with multi-thrall workstations is how they’d handle the crafting speed and crafting cost reduction calculations of several different tiered thralls. That would be the most complex part of introducing a new tier of workstations based on radium gem energy in the same manner that preservation bins utilize ice. I’d probably have the radium gem be able to be refined into a radium crystal perhaps at a rate of 100 radium gems to one crystal without a T4, to place it at a similar power level to dragonpowder. With a T4 reducing that cost to 50 gems to one crystal. It’d also work lore-wise with the concept of advanced civilizations like cimmeria being that they are at least quasi-derived from atlantean mythos in popular mythology. I think that this would be a nice QoL enhancement for endgame setups.

Hey again Eladrin. I dont feel that it would be wasteful, Mudbricks are one of the more common building home building materials around the world, both in past and present tense. And we really need some more T2 building materials. But I do agree it could be used in some other recipes such as Kilns too! Planters would be another good one. Your Radium concept is intersting, but lore wise Radium Gems are dangerous. Here is an extract of their description.

“…There is a cost, however, as those who use the Radium Gems seem to slowly lose their grip on sanity, whispering to themselves of green stoned cities and the nameless horrors that stalk them.”

Radium Gems make their users go :crazy_face:

Well when I say wasteful I mean that it’d be more effort to create a new T2 building set based around mud than it would be to integrate the mud by folding it into the production of bricks. I suppose if we wanted to create a more exotic visual appearance we could see something like the mud being fired in the kiln with materials added in to provide either additional visual affectations or even potential auric effects, for example if you wanted walls streaked with gold, silver or even star metal. and by auric I mean an aura of power, though I’m personally more for the idea of customizing building with something like a gold consolidant or an iridium(star metal) consolidant than have them actually providing aops. I suppose I wouldn’t be against an aop though, I mean the home is a castle xD. It’d make sense being there or near it could trigger extraneous buff effects based on building material qualities. It would be a way to integrate the quick healing of thralls for example, by them being sheltered within your home, I mean bed rest is how people heal more efficiently in life. It’d be nice to see the home provide features that warm the heart and soothe the soul of many an exile. :slight_smile:

also, Faithful devotee of the god who gives no grace xD. Nuclear energy is dangerous. The simple magicks of tree and stone and tide are dangerous. Resurrection magic is dangerous. so while radium fields might be dangerous they aren’t all that different from the varieties of power. I’d have to say that a purified radium crystal made from 100 unrefined radium gems would solve the insanity causal effect. One could even take it a step further and allow for the purified crystals to be further grown together when stored in a crystarium over time, to produce stronger crystals which could be used as a building material in themselves in the same manner as black ice is but with the actual complexity of you know not being incredibly easy to get. I’d also give potent radium crystals made in said crystarium the traits of being both insulation against hot AND cold weather but also make them a T4 building material, maybe even allow the potent crystals to be enchanted with regen or stat enhancements which trigger when placed inside a radium torch(where one would normally place dye) I mean make the enchantments equally hard to procure, requiring demon bloods, alchemical bases, a potent radium crystal, and 10 hero hearts / potions of the stat buffs or even release custom item drops from named foes like Misha the Bear in the same vein that FF11 did with notorious monsters. Because Misha is basically an NM. as are several other creatures on the map. It’d be nice to see more NMs down the line, and it’d be sort of reminescent of the atma / atmacite system we experienced in abyssea on FF11. I personally love gaming throwbacks especially if they can be innovated and transformed and given new beauty and life, while still maintaining something of their core heritage. It’s extremely awesome to see the history of gaming in new titles. That’s my feeling on the matter.

Whew! A your ideas and little too complex and intricate for me Eladrin. I tend to do better with simple barbarian designs myself. Such as have Frost Giants and Serpentmen drop skulls, and more variety in Fur Rugs. But I do wish you success with them.

what would the skulls be used for? I’m curious. also the idea of rugs are you a fan of those rugs made from the whole animal or more ones made from well cured hides that are shaped and moulded nicely? I personally like rugs from animals as long as they don’t include the heads and paws, so essentially just the pelts. It feels tackier to leave the parts on, like not valuing the beauty of the animal.

Placeables my good fellow, I love to use them as decorations. Im just a guy who has always leaned towards darker designs. I have always liked the whole barbaric conquerer theme for this game and have long been an advocate of more brutality and gore in the game. Here were some ideas from a previous thread::smiling_imp:

I want thralls chained to boulders and in manacles, placeable torture devices such as the throne of agony & iron maiden and stretching rack we can place them in, crosses to place them on, taskmasters to whip slaves on the wheel of pain, human hide rugs, cups made out of our enemies skulls, placeable hearts, furniture made from blackened bones, rows of heads on spikes, a Dafari on a rotissery, black fountains which spray blood.

Basically in terms of the skulls, I typically make rows of Weathered Skulls on Shelves. And also a row of them on the ground on either side of my walkway/entryway path. This was the original thread if you are interested.

Now regarding the Fur/Hide/Pelt Rugs. Im also a man who prefers the head and paws off myself. However to please both camps I I suggested that we simply have 2 variants of each rug; one with the head an one without. I essentially said in my suggestion that many of the pelts we find (not Hide) have no real use beyond Leather and Tar production, which are beyond abundant. And that some pelts, eg-Crocodile, Wolf, Bear, Bat, etc should have a reskinned version of the existing Fur Rug. Again here is the original thread (which Im surprised did quite well on the votes) if you are interested.

You seem to be a person whos ideas are geared more towards mechanics Eladrin? Im better with just inaniment placeables.

Ps-sorry for the wall of text.

you’re probably right, and no worries I enjoy wall of texts and the exchange of ideas via soundboard :slight_smile: also as I was rereading the comments and perusing the contents of my brain, I actually had a thought that radium gems do make the users go cuckoo for purge puffs xD. But we don’t actually see that, It’d be interesting to see the radium gems get transmuted into Radium Catalysts, say at a rate of 1 gem into five catalysts at optimized thrall efficiency i.e. legendary T4s and T5s(purge thralls) With T5s perhaps reducing that to 1 gem into 6 catalysts. Then afterwards taking my earlier idea of 100(50 under T4 production rates) radium catalysts to craft what I’ve decided to dub the “unstable radium crystal” which only stablizes within a crystarium which would be a new workshop structure designed to do two things, first and foremost stablizing and further transmuting the unstable crystals into potent crystals, but also allowing a passive generation of additional potent crystals once you’ve obtained ideally two crystals(think of it like mating them, as I envision the crystals being living magical creatures of a sort) by applying alchemical base as the most efficient fuel yet also allowing gold and silver dusts to be used as less efficient sources. I mean gate it so that the crystarium requires two potent crystals to begin the passive accumulation, while allowing the aforementioned fuels to assist generation in much the same way that insects and bees do for the fish traps and beehives. I really really like the idea of growing crystals for a T4 building material set, and this is a quality way of integrating that into the game without it breaking or being too easy to attain, because as cool as black ice builds are…they are less valuable because getting them means very little. I haven’t quite fathomed everything, namely how I’d want to include the concepts of gold, silver and iridium consolidants as well as large glass windows being created from the crystals grown inside the crystarium(regular crystal that is) which as I’m typing I also realized that one could forgo the application of alchemical bases as a fuel for the crystarium and instead utilize crystal. Ackkkkk, so many ideas I can’t decide which would be best. I mean all my ideas are fairly wonderful CromsBestie, which ends up with new problematic bits, cause there can be only one way to be borg perfection. and before I continue to rant and ponder all the creative thoughts and musings for endless time, I shall depart for doing other things for awhile. as always, tis my pleasure to conversate and enjoy the enthrallment your own ideas inspire within my own skull(hopefully not on a pike, spike or table) :smile:

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