Kicked out of game after a few minutes. Xbox one

Game mode: [Online |PVP]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [United States]

[After update loaded in to official server, it loaded in my character then after a few moments (anywhere from immediately to 8 minutes) it kicks me back to Xbox home screen. It wasnt every time but multiple times it kicked when I was either looking at my inventory or that of a follower, it even allowed me to break bond with some thralls without issue but when I went to stats or inventory it kicked me. My character is located in a area heavy with thralls but has never did this to me to this extent. I have tried off and on for nearly 12 hours to log on and not get kicked. ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Log on server
2.interact with follower inventory or own inventory/ really anything other than standing still
3.get kicked to the xbox main menu
4. Repeat


My character’s inventory is the biggest cause of crashes. My follower is the next biggest.

Also lots of random crashes on load. I’ve even had it crash in single player when I go to my medium size base. Also crashes in an old PVP server where I have nothing and am near no one at all.

The best workaround I have found - when I can get there game to load my big base on official PVE - is to use crafting stations and boxes to manage my inventory. But I can’t hardly open it directly without crashing.


Hello @Jkburt01, welcome to the forums and thank you for reaching out!

The team is aware of the issue and is looking into it with the highest priority, apologies for the situation.


Pareil pour moi, je me fais kick et hop retour menu de la console après quelque minutes dans le jeu. Ça arrive le plus souvent quand j’ouvre la roue de l’inventaire, le menu d’un asservi, l’inventaire de mon perso

Dont expect anything done about this mess until they bring out the next hotfix they are allowed one hotfix per update and that wont be until they are wiping all the thralls. Updates shouldn’t be how they test how it runs on consoles and despite it happening every time they still do it.

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I don’t know how long this fix will take; but if all my stuff decays on official server then you will have lost yet another player, if not all 10 in my clan

Other players on my server are online and don’t have any issue per discord, Just me and my clanmates. How does this make since. My game will work in single player with co-op enabled, other people are on the server and not having issues with anything (accessing inventory, going to places with hundreds of thralls). Is this an issue with the server, the game, or something else? You all need a Public Relations team, because when you have an issue you should give your customer all the info so they are informed

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Since the update yesterday I can not stay in game longer then 10 minutes before it kicks me to mainscreen. Now with the money people have played to play this game it needs to be fixed. I’m tired of spending money on games and they end up not working right and cant play them.

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Another clan leader on my server said that he uninstalled the game and all the dlc then reinstalled them and his are working. I uninstalled the game so we will see in a few hours if that works.


Well I guess I can try it to I’ll uninstall the game and reinstall it hopefully that works to if not back to playing rainbow six… I can’t even enjoy riding my horse without this crash happening all the time


Figures i have alot of money and time in this game.never been so disappointed.
Hopefully you will get the game going fast


They do this every major patch. Its quite evident that they don’t test before hand. They literally broke there own creation and are selling it. Thats called stealing where i come from.

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Gibts mittlerweile irgendein Update oder wird da erstmal nix passieren? GruĂź

Es ist Wochenende, da kommt hier keiner her von Funcom, erst Montag wieder…

Das ist traurig wenn ich auf meiner Arbeit ■■■■■ baue gibs kein Wochende und kein Feierabend bis es erledigt ist. Ist schade es war mein liebstes Spiel, ich hab vlt Glück auf meinem pvp server ist Frieden. Aber andere werden in diesen Tagen viel verloren haben ohne sich wirklich wehren zu können gegen Leute die ne xbox x haben. Gruß

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game and started a fresh single player and it seems to have stopped the crashing on SP and reduced the crashing on official server. There are still crashes 2 out of 3 times i open inventory but im not crashing randomly while crossing map so at least i can refresh my bases.

I recommend that if this isn’t fixed soon then we all should make a report to Microsoft and the better business bureau. Selling a product that isn’t as advertised and not tested is a deceptive business practice and goes against the US foreign business standards. This has become a recurring issue for Funcom since they released a product before development had finished. I’m out 70+ dollars for a game that lured me with content that does not properly transfer to console and was never tested it to ensure that it would. They took our money knowing that the product we were receiving was not properly described, I see nothing in the description of this game on the Microsoft store that it was a product under-development.


It did the same for me, I was on 5 hours last night then 18 hours later it crashes as soon as I get loaded in again

It’s been several days now.

I can’t beleive i paid over 100$ for a game that constantly crash and is filled with countless bugs…