Killing Volcano Boss = Server Crash

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On my server that I rent from GPortal - Every time a player kills the volcano boss it crashes the whole server! This is ridiculous! It has happened multiple times over the past two days.
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Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Heya! Sorry for the trouble. It’s a known issue that was fixed for PC yesterday. First bullet point under “Bug fixes”.
We’re going to get that patch out as well for PS4.

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I just had the same problem at my singleplayer game. :frowning:

Hey this isn’t related fully to this post but I can’t seem to make a new topic for a PS4 bug. But anyways my clan noticed that our bombs are not doing damage at all. We placed 10 bombs on sandstone and it took no damage. This is official pvp server and we lost a lot of bombs if this doesn’t get fixed. Could someone please either tell me how to make a new topic or post this as a new topic for me please?

When on the main page for PS4 Updates and Bugs, you should see a grey button that says New Topic with a + symbol on it, just click that and it should work, if not, it might be an issue with your browser.

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I already downloaded the new patch and this one solves the volcano boss problem. I already finished the boss fight, too. Works now (or again…).

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Can you see if this issue still persists after the new patch from today? If it does, message me with all info you have and we can get that looked into.


Will do! I’ll ask a few players to try it out tonight!

Closing this thread as it seems the fix has addressed the issue :slight_smile:
Happy hunting everyone!