Server issue 3827

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: Performance
Region: America

So i went thru and cleaned out most of the crap ppl blocked of on my official server, installed free use map rooms at all obelisks,bridged tower of bats, and ran i set of stairs down to volcano to help other players

Reset my stuff @ Volcano friday night only to have decay monday some how last week

Was @168 hrs but decayed in 72 some how

So because of this we have 2 players on the server that like have there ego stroked , you know the type BOW BEFORE ME types , one has blocked and placed to lock out blocks in shattered springs so no brimestone spawns only logs in ever week to reset

Now the other one is doing it with volanco , after blocking a good chunk of burrows allready

So because your game glitch and you dont police your servers , now have 2nd area were we cant play part of the content we purchased

So my ? Is this something can be done about this other then throwing away 6 months of play by switching servers which will cause me to stop playing or just spending the next 6 months placing blocks till the server crashs?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.walk across or use door/fountain to reset decay timer
2. Log on within 72hrs
3. The 168hrs timer decayed before the timer was suppose to be up
4. Decay effect wipes build

@Mbannar, first off, let me thank you for all your efforts keeping obelisks free. I’ve been using your services for some time now. Hearing your plight with the decay timer has me concerned as I’m out of town now due to a death in the family. I will be pushing the 168hr limit by the time I get home. I’ve been on 3827 since release.

Sadly the same clan that blocked the springs has blocked the adjoining obelisk. It’s sad as I enjoy seeing all the interesting builds on that server, including your public access area down south. The sandstone foundation walls spidering all over up north are a nuisance.

BTW, I helped myself to your two T4 thralls at your map room by Buckaneer Bay. It was decayed but I only demolished the door to your shack. I would have pm’d you but you weren’t online. There are well fed and in good health. I’d be happy to return them as they are currently unemployed.

Just wanted to chime in and thank you for your efforts. Clearly you put a lot of time in to maintain your work. I hope you get your decay issues sorted and I hope I have something to return to when I get back home.


Hello @Mbannar, are you able to elaborate on the extent of the structure built in the volcano and how much of it has decayed? Were all pieces connected to each other?

Could you please also share a screenshot of your event log with the relevant messages?

Massive, built a floor all the way to top stairs to edge of the bridge, free use map room fountain, connect to left side of exit to a 3 story building on left then from back of building down the long bridge to hang a right to a massive walled stair case to keep thralls out of the lava all the way to the temple where there was a 200 square landing with a map , fountain and wheels open ended for public use to make obsidian runs easyer for players

At work will sent screen shot when home

Indeed, it really is quite the build. I enjoyed exploring your amazing staircase. Well done!

@Phloid next time your on if you see me , hollar at me theres about 5 ways out along that obelisk that he doesnt have blocked correctly that allow you out at shattered spring tho he does have the spawns on brimstone blocked over

As for the bay area it and the base at lower jungle are a allaince mates i just do the server projects like volcano and obelisks, tower and so forth, but ill let him know

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