Missing content and lag 3828

Game mode: [Online
Problem: | Bug | Performance
Region: Est

For a couple months now I have noticed some of the 3 skulls are missing. I haven’t seen any of the 3 skull spiders in their locations. The lag gets so bad after 8pm eat you can’t do anything. I have a couple of other players that like playing pvp at the time and just comes looking for me. Of course they kill me every time. I’m not the only person complaining about lag at that time. The group im in has the same issue. I understand you can’t fix everything at once but it seems that nothing is getting fixed on the official servers. I have been dealing with big issues on the 2 servers I have been on for well over 2 to 3 months now. May we get some help? Thanks

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

IF someone is built on top of the spawn of the 3 skulls, that could cause the issue…or if they under meshed , it would do the same from the vertical claim. If you see bases in the area of the spawns, let the clan know they may be blocking a spawn. Be surprised how often players aren’t aware, and may adjust the build to allow the spawn. ONe way to test is on SP. go to the area and see if you place something in the areas what would cause it to despawn.

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Hello @Trinkle77, player land claims block the spawning of NPCs, so we’d advise that you verify if there are any player structure either nearby or directly above the areas where said creatures are missing and reaching out to the players to move them.

Regarding the server issues, we’re looking into them together with G-Portal.

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