KIngdom of the Lost pve-c roleplay server

The Kingdom of the Lost is a user-friendly roleplay focused ps4/ps5 server. This server was set up for players to enjoy playing Conan Exiles. It has an amazing Discord channel at KczSCPjfBW . Discord membership is not required to join this server.This is a newly wiped server so places to build are plentiful. The server does have size limits for bases to prevent lag and promote creativity in building. The max clan size is 4. If you are currently looking for a new home in the Exiles land, check out our Discord channel at KczSCPjfBW and see if the Kingdom of the Lost is the right fit for you.

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GREAT SERVER! fun having all the aspects of a survival game in this server, thanks for creating and hosting. :love_you_gesture:

Your Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

An actual link to the Discord server would be a lot better than a useless ID code that gives no results when you try to search with…