Kings Board Bugged

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The kings board pieces do not fit on the board properly. The game can’t be played either with the current set up.

I suggest inventory slots for the pieces to insure they fit. Also the game could be played with a standard chess game like (Windows Chess or Mac Chess for example).

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Attempted to place all chess pieces in the correct places.
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Hello @Mootzart, welcome to the community!

Their current hitboxes have nearly the size of each square on the board, which may understandably make them difficult to shift around as you’ll need to be very precise when placing them.
We’ll be sure to relay your feedback to the developers for further consideration, thank you for bringing this up!

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Thats fair enough. But I do believe that a forced location utilising the inventory slot method would make for a item that people would be pleased with.

All the best.

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