Pieces dont fit chess board

Lovely Chess Board, Shame each piece takes slightly more than one square.

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They manage to fit on ps4. A friend of mine and I played a match (awkwardly). Theyre tight but it works.

Not without the two outer pieces clipping 20 to 30 % into the wooden frame at initial setup.

Just to make sure we’re talking about the same board. The one with legs thats a table? There’s another one I haven’t used. I didnt have any issue with the table one.

I’ve used the table one and they seem to fit just fine. The real problem is that it’s so difficult to select individual pieces, and if you accidentally pickup the board, you lose all of them. :triumph:

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Just spent the last half hour trying to get 8 white infantry to fit across the table chess board…

no way can it be done without clipping into the wooden surround.

ehat version? Pc ps4 xbox?

I had the same issue on PC, just gave up, takes too much time just to setup a nice looking board, cant imagine playing it.

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replace the pieces with smaller ones … :sorriso: :sorriso: :sorriso: :sorriso:

Replace board with two types of foundations laid in a checkered 8x8.
Replace pieces with thralls.
Use the guard function to move thralls around.

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Heh. Even if you are able to place them that close (doubtful, except in Single Player), as soon as you accidentally punch a rocknose within sight of your chessboard, you can watch the entire group fall over themselves to mess up your careful formation (and they absolutely refuse to return to their previous orientation).


But what an amusing way to flip a table! :rofl:


Or use various faux taxidermy pieces

This is where that Darfari Faux Taxidermy feat would come in handy!

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Preach on brother!

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I actually wish they would scale the pieces by x20 so I can at least get some statues out of it

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