Bug with Chess Table

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  1. I place a Chess Table
  2. I place Figurines upon it
  3. I pick up a Figurine
  4. Instead of the Figurine, I pick up the Chess Table and the Figurines vanish and are never to be seen again. The Event log just says, that the Figurines “have lost stability”.

Oh man, I’ve done the same thing before. You can probably imagine how long and loudly I yelled! :sweat_smile:

While this isn’t really a bug, per se, but it sure is a crappy way to implement something like this. IMO, the chess board, tables, rugs, shelves, etc. should all have deletion confirmation if they detect that other items are relying upon them for stability.

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Argh. I hate when that happens, especially when it’s a long table with a whole bunch of plates, cups and bowls on it…

Here’s what I do to avoid it as much as possible: switch to first-person view when doing that. The reticle isn’t completely accurate in the third-person view, so even if it’s pointing at a cup on the table, the radial menu might be for the table. In the first-person view, if your reticle is pointing at a thing, you’ll always be targeting that thing and not something beside it or next to it.


It helps me if I go into settings:controls and change the mouse sensitivity to 0.01. Makes precise placement, well, precise.

My only problem with that is forgetting to return it to the original value (I like 0.025) and getting in a fight. Kinda hard to spin that way :aaaaaa:

I sometimes end up dead.



interesting, so was the board finally increased in size, or the pieces reduced in size, cuz they were larger than the squares they should go on, which made it impossible to set the board properly.

I checked the Circular Menu and it clearly connected the choosable options with the Figurine. Still the bug was reproducible.

Hi @DunKalar, this is not exactly an issue as it’s expected that if an item that has other items attached to it is destroyed or removed, the attached items get destroyed, which is intentional behavior for the building/placeable system.


While it’s true that this is the expected behavior and therefore not a bug, from a usability standpoint, it’s undesirable behavior.

As a suggestion: it would be nice if a player could opt to enable deletion/pickup prevention on placeables to preempt such mishaps. Then, in the event of incorrect targetting, the player would at least get a confirmation pop-up instead of wasting a lot of work.


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