Disappearing tables

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [EU]

Last month a table disappeared in my base, along with everything that was placed on it. That table was not on a carpet. The chairs around the table were left intact.
Yesterday, another table disappeared in my base. It was of a different type from the first one, and in a different room. Once again, the chairs were untouched, but everything that was on the table is gone.
No purge was involved.

What those two tables had in common:

  • They were both tables
  • They were on ceilings with 80-100 stability
  • They were inside enclosed rooms
  • A dancer and a fighter thrall were deployed in each of those rooms
  • They had things placed on top of them

A further table, in a further room, has NOT disappeared.

Any clues as to how this might have been caused, and how to keep tables from vanishing?

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Very thorough report, Timrath, precise and obviously designed to relay information to the devs in an attempt to fix the core issue. Thank you.

I wish I could help, but have no experience similar to this (online private), except to reassure you that you are not alone with the problem. It seems to be systemic according to other posts in this forum.

The only thing I could ask you to add is information from the event log relating to the events.

If you are not familiar with the process, I could also help with that, but based on your post, I think you already are. If you need to post a screenshot, I can also help there.

Best of luck !



I keep having tables disappear too, so hopefully we get a fix for this soon. Additionally, I’ve started having Large Crates warning that they will decay even in my main base that I visit multiple times every day.

In both instances, these are placeables with other objects on them: the tables have plates, bowls, candlesticks atop them. The crates had (I replaced all my crates w/ chests) a pair of large chests atop each.

So in every instance of something disappearing I’ve witnessed, it seems that it was with a placeable having another placeable on it:

  • Tables on carpets
  • Tables with decor
  • Crates with chests atop
  • Large wheel with a flagon for the taskmaster
  • Shelves with boxes

Mind you, most all of my workbenches also have candles, flagons, etc. on them but they seem fine so far…


Personally I have also lost several placables, but most of those do include rugs. On that point, I do like rugs, so that may not be connected with anything.

just few examples:

  • rug + improved armorer bench + cupboard
  • rug + improved stove
  • rug + decorative table + mugs

on the other hand:

  • well (several times) on plain T3 (dlc) foundation (no other placables on as far as I recall)
  • normal blacksmith bench on plain T3 foundation (certainly no placables on)
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Hello @timrath, thank you for your submission!

We’ll need additional information in order to determine the cause of this issue, such as if there were any entries in the event log, a few screenshots or a video of where and how they were placed, stability of the items and the object they’re attached to, item names and, most importantly, if you’re able to reproduce this behavior.

I got similar problems, started some months ago after a patch
In event logs i suddenly got shelf got decay status, but there are no info in the logs
which shelf it is??
It recovers from abandoned state after a while, possible because i pass by it and refresh timer or something, but all my shelves are inside house so i dunno whats happening. And i also got the same regarding carpets.
I cant thrust shelves to put valuable things on such as chests as long as i dont know what causes this, i guess its a bug, cause i have never had this before in logs.

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@Fixi I’ve also have things disappear from on top of shelves.


Yes, there are entries in the event log, but we dont know what shelf or item that gives the error message.
Let’s say you have 100 shelfs in your base, how you find out whitch shelf gives the error, there are no coordinates in event viewer?
Unless you spend a lot of time walking by every single one and find out when event log updates new info.

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A table of mine disappeared. I had some candles, bowls, mugs, and papers on it. They all disappeared as well. on a pve Official US server


And that’s the other table that had disappeared:


There used to be 4 chests. One on each of the 4 shelves. Two chests vanished, the other two remained.


And it’s not just small stuff either. I just found my public Maproom at Sepermeru decayed. Not the construction it rests upon, mind you, just the maproom placable itself. :triumph:

I was literally just at this spot yesterday, well after the server had booted no less!

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This bug has been very persistent for a number of months…and got worse with the recent patches.
I made a report about it here:

But even though I replaced the items, they haven’t repeated the behaviour… though other things have randomly decayed and despawned.
It does seem to be related to placeables having other placeable on top of them. But I can’t find a consistent pattern what item(s) is causing the game to consider the item beneath it as a stand-alone placeable and hence applying a short decay timer … especially as the items show that they are at the full 168 hours when I look at them with the repair hammer.


Thank you for sharing such detailed information, we’ve passed it along to the developers as it will definitely be helpful!

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