Disappearing decoration placeables

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type : PvE-Conflict
Region: EU
Mods? : NO

Server : Official server #6456 PvE-Conflict - Isle of Siptah

Bug Description:

Random decorative placeables are disappearing from my base, the event log reports that the items decayed. I checked the places where the bug occurred and half of the placeables are still there with their decay timer reset.

So i am confused half of my base resets its timer but the other half do not?

The bug does not occur only with items that are on shelfs but it occurs with placeables on tables, chair or even the floor.

What i understand is that the decay timers are messed up.

Please address the issue!

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Place a decoration
  2. See your decoration gone…

I think a lot of people are havin the same problem. When my brother and I were building our base we would put placeables down before we were done building. Most things would be gone as soon as we added or took away a foundation or wall or what have you. Now that we are done the building of the base things are not disappearing as much. In the screenshot the only things that have gone missing was from the shelf above the chests. I haven’t put anything back up yet but will soon.

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This bug mainly affects items placed upon nemedian shelfs, at least thats what my research proved, but i 've seen tables chairs and other decorations disappear too. I am done with my building too so im just placing decorations now but since i cant be sure if its gonna be there tomorrow i cant even place a candle!!

Nemedian shelves and the watchers table is all I had problems with. Nothing has gone from the watchers table in a awhile, so I think it’s ok unless I start building again. I do believe there is something wrong with the nemedian shelves though.

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This sounds like an excellent place for the bug fixers to start investigating, sounds increasingly suspicious that some lines of code have been missed in the collision mapping.

I’m taking a wild stab in the dark but I reckon it would be a simple fix to just go over the code and see what’s likely missing.

This was the most common mistake I’d make in a mod. On re-checking the data, I’d find like the most obvious thing I’ve missed or done a bracket the wrong way round and bam. searching for a wrong-way-round bracket somewhere. :face_with_monocle: :mag:

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Greetings everyone,

We are aware of this issue where some stacked placeables are losing stability. Our teams are looking into this issue and hope to have it improved as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we investigate further.


Same issue, any kind of placeables on Nemedian shelves decayed. Nemedian shelf was on a Nemedian wall.

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It has something to do with the Nemedian shelves for sure the interesting is that the shelf resets its decay timer but whats on top of it wont but i found out that if you put a new foundation like a wall or something near the place where your shelves are then the timers are reset so i assume you cant reset the timers with your presence but you can by placing new foundations.

Try put some new foundations near your decorations and see if the timers are reset.

Well, as it happens, I am on single player as admin and I have disabled decay timers. Yet stuff has disappeared off of carpets, (the cushions have now all gone),

shelves are now empty, and even items have disappeared from my own inventory, even. A sword and some arrows. Gone, no trace. I fell asleep, and woke up not long after my little snooze, soon as I wiped off the drool, lol, I noticed stuff missing from my inventory.

However, ANYTHING could have happened there though. I could have sleep-played and role played as my evil twin, sabotaging my own game in my sleep- who knows!!!

But long story short; I’ve already had disabled decay timers, before even discovering any glitches or bugs and stuff is still disappearing. Still, it’s good to know, it’s useful info for trouble shooting this issue.

Here’s something about decorations too:

lol, ok, the ‘Khitan’ Carpet. (the large one in orange or green), yeah, pop one on the floor, then stand on it. Now crouch [C key] now press C again to stand up, look! You’re floating about a foot off the ground! Jump or move to fix. Crouch, then stand again to repeat. In fact, you don’t need a carpet to do this. Just do it on the floor piece. In the images I’m floating above the Argossean floor (I think).

David Blaine, levitation?? Pfft, I’m coming for you! Watch this!

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