There we go again... placeables that disappear

Just how and why does this happen so many times?
Yes it happens a lot to me… and now it time to report it… and yes I’m aware this has been reported before but it happens more than often.

I played other building survival games and this never happened there.

The before

The after

The log

Don’t tell me its the rug that the cause… it was fine for a few months and I’ve had benches and and chest disappear that were placed on the ground. For example this one still stands…:

All these images were taken on official servers PvE.


You know the procedure, proceed to give the correct feedback so one day others won’t experience this situation. It will be nice to be very specific in your bug report, because maybe even the location of your build causes the issues (example not fact). I am sorry for your loss @prologue1337.


Hi Elite Prologue, I’m sorry this happened to you. Around the moment people began to claim their metal chests were decaying I popped in and sure enough, several of mine were decaying at a different rate from the others.

Later, two of my chests and two fridges evaporated the same way, but because they were on tiles I never actually checked their timers. My concern is some items are being disconnected from the overall contiguous decay timer. Please Tab key ASAP and protect your sweet abodes!


Isle of Siptah L11 (near the pool)
Isle of Siptah K11 (in the open)

In my experience the location doesn’t matter, been playing of Exiled Lands as well where I had bases on lots of different locations with the same issue over and over again, but if it might help it might (most painfully its almost always chests… on EL I even lost a chest full of named thralls… now I split them over many different chest so my losses are way less… “sigh”)

Most placeables stay for months without issue and all of a sudden the issue occurs :confused:


It’s not my being charitable here, I have had very recent feedback that there may be reason for each of us to evaluate our placeables and ensure they are tethered to the intended property. I’ve just now had some odd registers of decay I thought were long-gone and I am suspicious we may be seeing a pruning. If you can pick it up, please check to see that it’s connected to your buildings.

Please see my trebuchet Bug thread for a possibly causal connection if you expect Funcom is tuning (for the better) the ways blocks and claims register.


I had the same problem with a statue of refreshment in a big base. Everything was fine, but that statue would occasionally decay, despite being smack dab in the middle of my home base. And it’s not that I didn’t check its decay timer after placing it, either. Everything looked normal, but the statue would just … decay.

I don’t remember exactly when that was happening, but I think it was last year. It’s definitely not a new problem, but I have no idea how to repro it at all.


I am not sure if this is related but recently I had my bedroll decay. It has happened twice now, and both times it occurred, the bedroll said DECAYED on it although, it had not disappeared, nor was there a timer on it.

In both cases, I had just laid the bedroll prior to server reboot (because I knew I would be logging out away from my base), placed both thrall and horse next to me, and logged out. When I retuned 10-12 hours later, I went to pick up my bedroll and noticed it said decayed. This has never happened to me before and, while I didn’t lose anything, it was still disconcerting. The first time it occurred, I immediately ran back to base and checked timers, all was normal.

Again, I am not sure that this is related to what OP is experiencing but I still wanted to share anyway.


Same thing here. 2 of my chests that were placed months ago just up and decayed for no reason.


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