Decayed or not decayed?



I have placed a wheel of pain and 3 chests near the cimmerian HQ today. I had to move quickly somewhere else to grab sthing and when i came back (like 1 hour later) my chests showed up like this:

As you can see it’s written “dégradé” which means “decayed” in english. There is also a timer of a couple of hours showing up at the bottom of the pop up. So, will my chests vanish in 2 hours?
My guess is that it is only a visual issue, but as i am not sure and don’t want to loose anything valuable, maybe you guys can explain what actually happens there or confirm it is simply a visual issue.

Thanks in advance.


My bet is on them despawning at the end of the timer. The decay timer on a chest placed alone on the ground is short. If you make a small hut around them or more foundations then I think you will increase the overall decay timer for them and the structure.


Thanks for your reply kwalya.
Thing is, i have done it at some other places before and this never happened once. There must be sthing behind all of that ??? Will see tomorrow if these chests have vanished then…


The stuff i placed decayed the day after with 3 named thralls and 1 lvl 2 thrall as well as everything i had stored in those chests. Nothing left except the bonfire which had not decayed at all BTW. This makes no sense at all, but well…

I have placed some new stuff (wheel of pain / chests and bonfire) again, ON FOUNDATIONS this time and it seems that the timer are now 10 times longer. I am investigating this issue on my offcial to find the most accurate explanation to this.

And yes i call this an issue as it cannot be intened by funcom to let placeables decay in like 3 hours or so, otherwise this would just mean we have to spam sandsone foundation on the map for every single wheel of pain/ bonfire and any other placeable we might want to place on the map.
As i had understood, funcom is trying to improve servers performances with the decay and thrall feeding system, this mechanic does the opposite, as the more foundations you get in an area the worse will be your performances.


I’ve been playing the game for about a month and a half and it’s always been like this. Placeable items without foundations have very short decay times. Adding foundations increases the decay time until you hit the max. Weird that the bonfire doesn’t have a decay timer, though.

Also, when your chest was in that state, other players could have destroyed it and looted the contents. So maybe that explains what happened this time vs. previous instances.


Ok , thanks for confirming. Yep and i went there again a few min ago, the bonfire was still there (i dismantled it though, since my wheel is some feets further away now).

Ah interesting, even in PVE?
the content was “non tamed thralls” (still being cooked :smiley: ) and ambrosia mostly, so i doubt someone of my server destroyed it, but you never know yeah…
Anyway, thanks for your feedback helium :smiley:


Yeah. Even in PvE. I just found this out a few days ago. I thought it was an exploit at first.

So, when you run across a base that’s “decayed” you should pop all the doors off and destroy any chests or crafting stations inside. Then you can loot the contents and claim all those thralls as your own.

Be careful though, if you destroy anything that’s not a door, storage container or crafting station, the entire base will self-destruct.


This has been happening on our official too.
It happened to at least 5 friends huge bases in 3 days after the 6 day decay period elapsed.
Decayed bases still stand for a 7th day but can be demolished by anyone.
Or doors and placeables can be demolished and looted.
Makes me wonder why the decay isn’t just set to 7 days or even something more realistic.


I guess it is like this give to other players the opportunity to loot abandoned structures before they despawn…

@roro4066 a player can not tell if the wheel of pain holds fully converted thralls or ones still being broken when they look at it…but if they demolish it when it is in the decayed state it will drop a loot bag containing converted thralls, taskmaster (if you had one slotted on the wheel) and obviously any food left in it … so it’s entirely possible someone demolished it and your boxes to loot them. Or they just despawned as I warned you they would.


I didn’t know that tks. Personnally, i would NOT do that.

sounds funny :smiley:


yeah this is might be better indeed, clear and efficient.


ok but this player should NOT get tamed thralls right? i mean the ones that were not even finished do vanish in the process i guess.
And yes you were right about “adding building pieces to extend the timer” but i would have never guessed it would make such a HUUUUGE difference: 10 times longer AT LEAST.
What i still fail to understand is that even if i come back to an outpost that i left like 4 hours ago, the decay is already happening (not every single item though, but most of them)
From my understanding, when you are in range of your building, the timer resets, right? It means you have then about 150 hours before it decays, so in theory it should not start to decay (correct me if i’m wrong but decaying is the fact the building is loosing “health”, loosing crafting materials more precisely), and as soon as you come back before the 150 hours you should NOT have to repair your stuff, right?
But in my case i have to repair stuff everytime i get back to my outpost at the mounts, it’s not a lot to repair though (almost nothing).

So, even though things are starting to get much better thanks to the foundations, now i don’t have entire placeables vanishing anymore in a few hours, there is still some incorrect stuff happening imo. It’s not a very big deal, it’s just i’m trying to figure out how this is exactly working. And it migh help others BTW

Anyway, thanks again for your imput guys.


Depends on the type of person you are I guess.
The friends looted on my server were off for a little over 6 days and returned to empty skins of bases on the 7th. Some of them were on work trips or holidays, some were with out interest access at all.

In my opinion its a pretty cheap way to stock up on someone else’s misfortune.


ok but this player should NOT get tamed thralls right? i mean the ones that were not even finished do vanish in the process i guess.

The player would have been able to loot the thrall assigned to the wheel (if one was assigned) plus any fully converted thralls inside the wheel. Thralls that were not fully converted would not be lootable.

What i still fail to understand is that even if i come back to an outpost that i left like 4 hours ago, the decay is already happening (not every single item though, but most of them)

I believe the max time to decay is 6 days, so the most you’ll ever see is 144 hours. The building definitely doesn’t lose health over the course of those six days (you can see that by looking at the hit points each piece has). I’m not sure what happens once the “decayed” state is attained on the 7th day. I’ll check next time I’m looting an abandoned base.


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