Wheel of pain decayed in less than 1 day

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [oceania]

Official server #3972

Wheel of pain I created near Mounds of the Dead decayed after 1 day. There were two thrills still being crafted. I also left a campfire with a T4 cook - also gone.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Waste a lot of time and material to create wheel of pain
  2. Put said Wheel of pain near Stargazer’s crest
  3. Waste even more time crafting capturing a Taskmaster thrall
  4. Put said taskmaster in wheel of pain from step 2
  5. Capture a few good thrall da in mounds of the dead and put in wheel of pain - namely 1 Cimmerian Berseker, 1 Dalinsia Snowhunter
  6. Put a lot of gruel so you don’t have to worry about it while you’re working the next day
  7. Go to work normally the next day with gray expectations for your gaming night when you get home
  8. Log-in again in less than 24h and look in awe at your event log to see that things have decayed

Something like that happened to me not as bad as you and why is it that everything in the game is stronger than your main character i don’t get it

Hey @Edabliu, thanks for reaching out to us.

Did you placed foundations or building pieces below your wheel of pain? The decay timer is shorter when you don’t have more buildings attached. You can also check the decay time by using a Repair Hammer close to the wheel or building.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

This seems to be a very common mistake. As Mayra said, unfortunately you cannot just place the wheel on the ground as this will cause the wheel to decay very quickly. You can check how long the decay timer is by equipping a repair hammer and holding it over any crafted piece. Once placed on basic ground, the wheel normally will have 24hours before it 'Decay’s and another 24hr in that decayed state before it completely disappears and everything inside will drop to a loot bag on the ground for a few minutes. Your event log will show if this happened (just re-read your message and saw you mentioned this). Sorry for the bad news, but keep it up, Mounds is a great area for thralls!


I would also suggest you always carry a repair hammer with you… Not to repair just to check timers

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I would argue that , regardless of why it happened, the decay rate on the following items should be amended:

  1. wheel(s) of pain
  2. Animal Pens
  3. Stables
  4. Map Room

These are generally large items clearly designed to be placed straight on the ground, rather than be built on / around (especially the ridiculously oversized animal pen)

Why is it they decay in 24 hours or less? it’s just silly.

I would also argue that fish / Lobster traps should have their timers adjusted ( from what I can tell they only have about 5 hours , which is just ridiculous)

Not many people build on top of their food source, generally speaking. Near it yes, but not on top of it.

Put Alters on that list too. Basically anything you can not pick up should have longer timers and just assumed foundations underneath.

Thank you all for your kind replies. I’ve built another one on top of foundations double checked the decay timer with the repair hammer and everything seems ok. Life goes on I’ve already got another cimmerian berseker cooking.


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