Lost 4 Thrall Tier4 in Whell of pain Decay

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Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Asia]

I place Wheel of Pain at volcano capture 4 thrall Tier4 in Wheel of Pain but shorten 10 hour i come back my Wheel of Pain disappear i check log it show Wheel of Pain Decay it have issue or that right.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

was the wheel placed on foundations? do you play on a pvp server?

I play on PVE Server.
Different decay time if we place on ground and on foundations?

Thank you.

Yes… whenever u place anything down , either press tab (pc version) or use a repair hammer to check the decay timmer ur build has… generally adding pieces of higher tier improves decay timmers… max decay is 168 hrs normally and doubled at summer vacation times like now (mac timmer at 336hrs). If u already placed something down without foundations, try making a small build near it, add a campfire and place a bedroll on top… will help with timmers…

Indeed, as Rangaguard explained, if you place just the wheel on the ground you won’t have much time on your decay timer, but if you place it on foundations you can increase the timer. If your structure is large enough, you can get up to max hours on your timer.

Thank you every one this i lost because I place Wheel of Pain on ground without foundations do not think decay timer can not reach 10 hour.
That clear thank you every one again.

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