2nd wheel of pain disappeared with stuff on it

Game mode: Online - PVE
Problem: Wheel of pain gone with everything on it
Region: [US East]

This is the second time this has happened and this time I was a bit more sad. I have two wheel of pains going and the one that had a unique task master on it and other things is gone, for no reason.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build a wheel of pain?
  2. lose wheel of pain
  3. get discouraged
  4. Hope devs will find it in their heart to respawn it?

Did you have it on foundations?

A wheel of pain has a decay timer of few hours if you dont build it on foundations. Sad but true. I lost one too till I realized that. You need to build your wheels of pain always on foundations to have a decay timer of around a week. Thene you need to visit them at least once a week …

I’ve just lost a Wheel of pain on foundations with two thralls.

Online official PvP server 1971

Any response on a fix yet?

Sure someone didn’t destroy it? It is on a PVP server.

I remmember somebody said purge went straight to wheel of pain and now pc has purge damage boosted, most likely it was purged.

No foundations, I didn’t know that, but it disappeared in less than 24 hours and on PVE server.

I think without foundations the decay time is not even 10 hours. Use a repair hammer to find out how long the decay thiem is. just fold the hammer in the direction of the wheel and you will get a popup window

Lost a Wheel of Pain with Named Task Master. It was built for a week plus on no foundation, and had no HP hit… Can we please get a response to this? PvE Server 1514…

Welcome to the club first i lost 2 chest a furnace and a blacksmith full of items,then found is related to the tier 1 to tier 3 upgrade and i was fearing of my items and i take 1700lbs in my character, all my armors, weapons, thralls and mats and logout inside my base, a base build in a lava river and unraidable.I login today after the patch, naked in the desert without what killed me messege, i run to my base no death mark on map and base unraided with all the crap items inside in workbenchs, but i lost the 1700lbs of items. Game is broken and im bored with all this problems this game has no future…