Wheel of pain disappearing?

I’m not sure what’s up. I play on a PVE-C server. I built a T1 wheel of pain and put a T3 thrall in it with food to last it for 15 hours. Log in later today only to find that it’s gone? What could have happened to it? My only explanation was purge but there is no info in logs and no damage to my base what so ever, other than a missing wheel of pain.

Was it on a foundation?

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No it was not. It was directly on the ground.

Then the building decay system destroyed it.
Place them on foundations. Fish traps too. Everything.

Hmm, my fish traps are just in the river bed, but haven’t had any problems. Is that because I log in regularly?

i remember having placed 2 medium wheels of pain near the pirate ship in my SP game…when i logged back in, only one of them was there, the other one had vanished (both of them were not on foundations). the one that remained stayed there for good though.
Then, i replaced the disappeared one by moving it like 5 meters away from its previous place and it worked for good too (it was not placed on foundations)

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Ok, good to know that foundations aren’t do or die (as a journeyman carpenter, that seems counterintuitive though).

Another wheel of pain despawned, this time it was on a foundation. The foundation is gone too. This is ridiculous!

EDIT: Actuallly, no! It says in the log that the foundation was destroyed by the decay system… I don’t understand. How does it work?

I just lost my lesser wheel of pain also. It was directly on the ground though…

Stuff disappearing seems to be a big. I’ve been searching through forums but don’t see a comment from FC about it. All I know is I logged in this evening to a weeks worth of farmed mats missing and the one blacksmith thrall I had. Without any damage to my base, sealed tight, I was in the middle of upgrading to t2.

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