Glitched decay timers

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer] Online. Official PVE Server 2502
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc] Bug.
Region: [Here] United States.

[Free text] Last night I was able to raid the summoning place, knock out the darfari witch doctor and place her on a wheel of pain.
Today/tonight I left it go for a little less than three hours, then came back to find the wheel, taskmaster, and if course the witch doctor were gone. No mention of lootbags decaying in the log, just a wheel decaying in less than three hours, and my thralls were probably stolen by some human cockroach on that server.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place a wheel of pain and place a Darfari Witchdoctor on it overnight, then check on it in the morning.
  2. Check on it periodically during the day.
  3. Leave for less than three hours, then return to collect the Darfari witch doctor that took more than twelve hours to break.
  4. Come back in less than three hours to discover that the wheel decayed AND SOMEONE DEMOLISHED IT TO STEAL MY DARFARI WITCH DOCTOR THANKS TO YOUR GLITCH!

decay timer is linked to size of your building, if you build only a wheel of pain it decay in couple of hour. by the way a wheel of pain need to be protected and enclosed by walls, anybody can access it, don’t need to make it decay to access. please take some time to learn mechanic of the games and learn to check your decay timer of you building, if you did you would have realized your wheel of pain was 1h or 2h decay timer.

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If you’re playing on an official server, you need to build a wheel on (or very near) foundations, and always equip a repair hammer to check the decay time. If you’ve watched a stream and see people just dropping wheels on the open ground, they’re either in single player/co-op or they’re on a private server with decay disabled.

Hi @RedLynx23, did you check the decay timer for the Wheel of Pain with a repair hammer?

If it was not placed over foundations, its possible that the decay timer had a lower maximum value than expected.

It’s advisable that all placeables are built on top of foundations or even linked to a base so that the decay timer is shared between buildings, as building pieces and placeables may decay within a matter of a few hours if they’re not interconnected to a larger network of other building pieces.

For further clarifications on this mechanic, you may read the following article and check out the video:

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