Missing Chess pieces

I’m not going to bother with filling in the details about this bug because this is just too damned stupid.

Has anybody noticed that the chess pieces are an incomplete set?
It’s missing the 2 White “rook” (or Castle) elements.

Is this a recent development? Because I have all the pieces placed on a board in my base, of course these were placed a couple years ago. I’ll jump on tomorrow and take a look at my board to see that nothing has changed.


I had a complete chess board last year. Till the decay bug hit. I have a whole 2 pieces left on the board. Haha
Keep meaning to repopulate it. Seems like a good time now.

I honestly don’t know if it existed previously.
This is the first time I was laying out a board with the chess pieces.
That’s when I noticed.
Please let me know what you find out.
I ran a file integrity check just a couple of days ago.

Yeah, my board is still setup correctly. I additionally verified that the pieces are still craftable in the Artisan Table. The names of the rooks are Dark Outsider (black) and White Outsider (white).


Thank you for that update.
I’ll have to look a bit deeper into what’s going on at my end.

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