Playing games inside of games. Chess anyone?

I was inspired to make a life size chess board in the exiled lands. This way when our clan gets bored we can play a round of chess.

Here’s how it turned out.


It’s wonderful, I think I will copy your idea at our base ! :heart_eyes:

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It’s funny, I had the same idea but was not sure what to use for black pieces - well done indeed!

Yeah it’s a bit of a mix n match. I really like the Turanian statues but the color is off just enough to bother me some.

haha, this is brilliant xD love it.
I might of changed the bulls to rook positions, although it makes sense to be cavalry, also makes sense to be some tanky b…es :stuck_out_tongue: Serpent man with daggers could work as cavalry, agile and mobile, idk.
Love it :slight_smile:

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Purely genius, i wonder how many other board game are possible to do now xD

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