Kneeling Bundle 2

I currently do not own “Kneeling Bundle 2”. But I own one of the emotes within the pack already, but not the other 2 in the set of three. I feel like I purchased the kneeling emote just the other week before Kneeling Bundle 2 became available. Are there overlaps in emote packs you are selling?


Likely yes

This one recalls a mention that if one had already purchased items that were included in a set later, the set would be discounted.
This indicates an intention to recycle as far as this one can tell.
Have you compared the cost of the set offered to you vs the cost for a player who does not already have any of those emotes?

Nope, did not compare, was just curious of the matter.

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If you get a chance, please do. This would be utile to see if there is a discount for partially owned packs or if that was…
Like a mystical channeling sword.

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Supposedly, they discount. See the Bazaar article at funcom zendesk com

But this one’s trust in money matters, especially in the current context, is limited to what is, rather than what is said.

That is why this one would love to see how much the bundle costs for someone who has yet to make a Bazaar purchase vs someone who has already acquired said Emote

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