Owned Bazaar Items

This week in the bazaar has the kneeling sit emote available. It was also a part of the emote bundle available when the bazaar launched.

I purchased the emote bundle, yet the bazaar is allowing me to pay for the individual emote. This is not OK. I double-checked that I did actually own this emote, but what if some people don’t realise this first?

This is worse than a cabinet that holds no storage. If we own the item, don’t allow us to buy again.


I have literally just come across this too, how did you find your history of bazaar things bought?

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The emote bundle 1 includes Fake Death, Check Nails and Crosslegged Sit.

However, some players received the Kneeling Sit for free (either by purchased battlepass/emote bundle 1), which seems unintentional and my guess would be they will ‘fix’ the free Kneeling Sit and the emote will be available only if you buy the individual one on this rotation.

@Funcom hopefully a clarification soon before the next rotation.

EDIT: Free Kneeling Sit may not related to the purchase of emote bundle 1.


Bloody hell! I had to watch the @Pixelcave video to confirm this, but yes, you’re correct. Thank you.

I’ll wait for emote bundle 2.


Glad the video was helpful. It was of course only a preview, but I presume we will still see most of these bundles in future, including Emote Bundle 2.

With items being sold in an unpredictable rotation, in bundles and individually, I think a clear Bazaar purchase history would really be important to have. While it might say “Owned” on stuff you purchased, it doesn’t really help with keeping track of how many items one has bought over time, if an item was part of a bundle or not… etc.

Furthermore, should one hold out for a bundle if individual items appear in the Bazaar, be it for a discount or simply to have a full set? It’s pretty impossible to make an informed decision if one simply doesn’t know what the whole catalogue of items is.


OR, maybe some people did not want to buy the full emote bundle but would like an individual item instead. You assume much.
Personally I think it would show very bad faith to retract an item already given in a bundle, and I doubt FC would go that path.

Pixelcave you are a legend by the way. Totally off topic but what the hell, love your videos!!

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No one here assumed how people should buy either bundle/individual.

The emote bundle 1 does not included Kneeling Sit in the first place, so the ‘given’ of the emote was by error and now it is sold individually which is logical that Funcom will fix the free (error) one later.

It is not “logical” or a good business practice to take away something already given. Again, you assume much in bad faith.

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I’m fine with whether Funcom will take away or not but they should at least state the clarification before the next rotation, hence my mention to them.

That’s rich coming from someone who didn’t read my entire 2 posts and twisting my words into your own understanding. The thread received the solution and I’m done talking, whatever floats your boat :man_shrugging:

Or not, it is still GIVEN, and I repeat that FC will not just take it away. Your assumption that they will harbors on a very negative attitude.

I never owned the first emote bundle but I had all the emotes in my emote wheel. For me and for thralls too.
At this time I don’t finished and payed for the battlepass.
I still have all these emotes.

Ok, I’ve a “slight” problem - wasn’t really aware that the “kneeling” emote was already in game, or that it would be part of the new emote bundle. I bought it yesterday for…what was it, 380 coins?

Now I see it’s part of the bundle, which (3 emotes) costs 290.
I’m sorry, are you (@Funcom) intentionally trolling your customers, or was it just a bug (or infestation of the chaos gods into your management system)? If the latter - can I please ask for a refund, due to…I don’t even know how to call it, sorry.

If it was a deliberate scam (knowing full well that you’d offer this emote next week, and for cheaper) - well then, sorry me then.


Strong wording aside, a rotating selection, intermediate currency sold in packs to obfuscate the real price and day-one ‘discounts’ are all tricks designed to plays on fears and loose trigger fingers. There’s no real question that’s deliberate.

I know that, and it has (sadly) become part of the…hm, “industry standard”, let’s say.

The issue I have however, is selling an object #1, then selling it again in part of a discounted “pack”, that makes it even cheaper per unit price a week later. From what I know, the roster of such shops/stores/bazaars/etc. is planned in advance, not decided “on a whim” by some local product owner.

So, my question to the Team is - who came up with the idea of selling a single emote week after week, only bundling it up & discounting it (so that all who bought get a chance to regret their choices, and have a chance to wonder, if paying a total of ~700 coins is really worth 3 emotes) - and thought it a good business idea?

The whole concept behind micro-transactions was to make it relatively invisible to the player, and make them pay small amounts of real money, but frequently enough so that it amounts to a substantial sum over a longer time. This seems to be the case for more casual games, where you get things because you individually “want them”.
Opposite to it is the “whaling” approach, where you make the stuff intentionally overpriced, but target it at the selected few with deeper pockets, offering in return the chance to “stand out” & (usually) have some “power benefits” over the “pleb”.

In its current form (and having had spoken with colleagues from my server) - it feels like it’s too high to fall under the “micro-transaction”, and it neither offers a “power boost” like the paid items from, i.e., Wargaming’s or Gajin’s games do…

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