Knock out NPC fall under the map

Game mode: Online Pve-Conflict server 2508
Problem: Bug
Region: Canada, Quebec

When I knock out a NPC, sometime the unconscious body fall under the map, I came back a couple minutes later and the body is respawn, still unconscious, laying on the ground. This happen to me about 4-5 times on the 20 NPC enslaved.
I play on the official server 2508 pve-conflict.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Knock out Npc with a truncheon
  2. You will see the body fall under the map ( if not, repeat step 1 )
  3. Leave the area for about 5-10 min
  4. Come back where the Npc should have fall unconscious on the ground, the body should be near.


Hello @CharlesQc, thank you for reporting this, we’ll relay the shared information to our team.

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