Krampusnacht - when and where?

I logged on and was given a malevolent snowflake and a pile of snowballs but I can’t find where the raid/event is happening.

Give it a few hours and the missions will be turned on as well. Same places as last year.

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Everything should be live in 1.5 - 2 hours.

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Ha, I found this thread, saw the first comment and assumed it concerned today’s happenings. I’ve just realised it is nearly a year old … AND I WAS THE ORIGINAL POSTER/

So why am I again being snowed under with no sign of an event??

I don’t know. Perhaps you haven’t been looking in the right places?

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Normally seasonal events appear on the game loader so I was a little surprised to discover this one had started when I appeared in Agartha. However, I was actually asking where the fight was going to take place. The regular platform venue was clearly inactive so I went to the Deep Agartha platform where there was no indication of the time of a coming event although I must admit that having revisited I see that the gate background is a slightly different colour to normal.

As for the twaddle feed, I don’t use that particular channel but thanks anyway.

The hourly boss fight will be where it always is, the event portal on the Mallgartha platform. Once the event has actually started. Which it apparently hasn’t yet.

Hmmm. That explains why my other characters couldn’t get in. I wonder who’s raid I gatecrashed in Deep Agartha?

It has begun now