Ladder bug after train roof is destroyed


We are in the level “Metallfelder” (German Version) an we have the problem, that we hat do bomb the train roof where a ladder is.

Now if a mutant uses a ladder he falls “through” the ladder half way and the interface elements life “Regroupe” and loot don’t work. It is fine after reloading, but there is loot on the springboard on top of the ladder we can’t get.

We found a reddit post describing the bug. See this reddit thread here

But no solution.

A fix would be nice. the resources are quite scarse and we need that scrap

Best Wishes from Switzerland

Hey Darkcheyenne,

You might be able to collect the loot bag if you’re standing one “level” beneath it. If it’s higher then it’s most likely not possible to collect.

At the moment there aren’t any additional updates planned for Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden so unfortunately the loot bag is forfeit.

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