Lag When Targeting

Only thing I have a problem with now is every time I target an npc or creature and fight them I get like 2 swings in then all of a sudden I lag out like crazy, I cant move and I almost die then it goes back to normal. So when I fight something I have to free hand it because I don’t want to target and get the big lag spike.
Thanks for fixing a lot of the problems I’m new to the game so I’m sure a lot of the end game issues i don’t even know about. But not being able to target something and fight it with out lagging makes the game much harder.


I have the same issues on 3514. Anything I fight lags out badly after 1 swing to the point of death or close to. This only started after the new update.

@Funcom can we please get a response to this game breaking issue? Every forum ive checked is blown up with this exact problem. Please some feedback that youre trying would be great. This is an amazing game and id hate to see it ruined due to lack of response.

same thing for me. when using lock on the frames seem to drop down to about 1 per second.

same issue on PVP official and private for me. lag instantly goes away when I untarget them

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I couldn’t defend my base due to lag when targeting players. Smh. Please fix

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