in both single player and online there is constantly lag when in combat, this makes it hard to enjoy the game since allot of the game is combat.
iv been stuck inside enemies many times, enemies flat out teleporting, taking damage for no reason at all, getting stuck in rocks during combat and dying, enemies body’s vanishing upon death, and many more issues in combat have been occurring most fights i get in. its not my internet fault because it happens in offline co op. and the worst part is this wasnt an issue before the update. theres less issues now nut this new one is terrible.


thats crazy never happened to me.


Sometimes when I fight more then 1 enemy and want to run or roll away I just get teleported back to them and recieve a hit. And same as OP sometimes they stand still and they won’t receive damage and all the sudden I recieve a ton of damage and they start moving again. Realy annoying.


Exactly like how are onlt half of us getting ducked here.

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I don’t have lags on combat, but I know 2 guys that they have freezes for 1-2 seconds when they fighting. Kinda strange glitch

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every now and then some of the npcs i farm have 2 spawn in the same spot, like even if its a named npc, ive had freya spawn and then when i got up she weirdly bugs out for a sec then 2 freyas split off and come after me

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Yesterday it was extra laggy, haven’t seen this much lag yet. Alot of human NPC’s will be invisible! Yes and they can attack you while invisible. After a while they will appear. Horrible lags. Wired 200mbps here and on a server with 40-60 ping!

I’ve been having unplayable combat lag on a private server my main character is in. With my other couple friends having no problems whatsoever. So odd.
On an official server however - no combat lag at all and the game runs super smooth…

My server presently has an issue where it takes forever to load anything that isn’t terrain. As a result you end up dying because enemies are killing you, that you can’t see.

When that’s not an issues, it’s rubber banding problems and stuttering.

It makes aspects of the game that are meant to be enjoyable, like exploring and discovery incredibly infuriating.

Yes, poor server performance and lag is destroying the experience of what could otherwise be a very enjoy game.

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I’ve shared a few videos on YouTube about this, and asked a large community for help, I’ve tried everything including multiple messages to funcom with their first reply being the only, trying to blame my ISP, once I pointed out a flaw in the servers they said they’d get back to me… But didn’t. They’ve made me unable to comment or post on their Facebook now too. I only get lag when I kill the enemy and not on all enemies, crocodiles, scorpions and a few others are safe. Just lags on skeletons and humans and cats mostly. And with skeles and cats I have to destroy their bodies to be able to move again.


Lol bad luck … for me too…
I sometimes attack one npc, only to see that one turn into four or five , they were so close… yesterday I fought a rhino, well when he was almost down, he teleported in front of me, I ended stamina, and he killed me,… one-two…

Bring a fighter thrall level 3 to tank the Rhyno so u can kill It really easy.

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Thanks, but I have it almost killed, but that bug killed me… and a lv 3 fighter is actually good as tank? He could not die so fast? I dunno cause all my thralls are in my base like guard dogs …

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I inquired about this as well, also slow rendering issues on console. was told it was a server optimization problem… like duh I’m not a fuсking idiot. I know it had to do with the servers.

And just seened to kind of play it off like it was normal. And adjustments were being made.

Yeah… Uhm

I’m almost 40, been playing games since I was about 4. Soon as online gaming was a thing I was there. My online resume for gaming is pretty extensive. That said I’ve never seen combat lag, rubber banding, instaporting, invisible enemies and textures taking minutes to load as pronounced as what’s in Conan Exiles on console.

Now I’m not going to sit tlhere and tell you I know how to optimize the server, but I can tell you from my experience on the user end, this this shìt is far from normal.

Something is seriously fuсking jacked about their servers, or they just not doing much with them.

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I think that G-Portal is the one to blame, they made partnership with Funcom and out nowhere they released tons of more servers… Pretty suspicious If u ask me. These servers must have low hardware to be affordable to Funcom.

There are still so many major things that need to be fixed with this game that it’s frankly insulting that it was recently released for full retail price… To name a few:
-Crashing/freezing issues
-Collision issues
-Thralls disappearing whilst being towed
-Dead player bodies disappearing so everything is lost
-Building issues where things that should snap won’t snap until you’ve spent 5 minutes ****ing about with a single foundation
-Combat and movement is in SERIOUS need of a fix. This is a full release game and the absolute basics that make it just don’t work properly, it’s a shambles. The mechanics are good on paper and it SHOULD work well, but frustratingly often I find that I’m being done massive amount of damage just through the game messing up e.g. dodges not registering, NPCs aren’t even slightly phased by being tripped up they just hit you anyway straight after, sideways and backwards walking/running makes you get stuck and keep ‘rubber-banding’ backwards whether in combat or not (this is probably the biggest issue out of everything), sometimes the character is thrown off a wall that should be entirely easily climbable, the game sometimes doesn’t let you slide down walls properly when descending so falling to your death is a regular stupid occurance even though you’ve done everything correctly (it even talks about doing this as one of the loading screen messages yet it doesn’t work properly…)
-You can run endlessly just by facing the camera to the side. While this can be useful for solo play and getting where you need to go, it TOTALLY ruins any form of PVP. No need to even spec into Grit because this mechanic is so broken. It should be that your Grit and therefore stamina directly affects how PVP combat is conducted, with having to be careful not to stam-out and having enough stamina to perform attack and dodges whilst manoeuvring around your opponent. The sad reality is that PVP combat is just a stupid chase with little to no actual combat involved. Couple this with the dodging and movement mechanics that still don’t work properly and you get a terrible PVP experience.
-The journey steps are bugged. Some icons don’t show up in the journey section of the interface etc., but most importantly, “Equip a piece of light armour” STILL doesn’t work on official servers.
-My understanding is that a lot of people play this solo as well as in a clan because of a number of reasons that don’t even need to be discussed. The point is, the update to the bosses (i.e. vastly increased health that means it may take over an hour to kill a single boss with constant attacking) is ruining the solo experience, both online and single player.

The list of things wrong with this game is endless, yet we all shelled out £40+ for it? Get your act together and FIX THE PROBLEMS THAT DESPERATELY NEED FIXING Funcom. I enjoy this game, and it could be great if you’d just fix what’s wrong with it (since going back in time and waiting until the damn game is finished before making us pay for it sadly isn’t a possibility). If you plan on releasing any DLC in future, you better make sure you’ve fixed your core game first, and quickly. Just look at games like No Man’s Sky that on paper are amazing, but are outright terrible in reality even with new content because it was too little too late.


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Nothing is more infuriating than dying simply because shìt doesn’t work right. It’s one thing if you get yourself in a situation you just can’t handle, and you die from your own stupid decisions or your lack to ability to handle it.

But when you die because a developer just - couldnt be bothered- to make sure this feature or that mechanism reliability works an exceedly large percent of the time, or because after a month servers have still not been anything close to optimized (I. E. Lag and server issues has not improved one bit in a month.) which tells me they’re not even trying to fix it…

It gets old. It moves past the point of, “oh well I died let’s go again” to “I’m fuсkin tired of this shìt. Fuсk this game.”


The dodge rollback is unbearable in a game where milliseconds matter.

It was a money grab and sounds like way understaffed dev team or an inept dev team not sure.
Today i couldn’t break any rocks so i just logged off. How is that even possible?
But yeah combat and the crazy way they bumped HP on the bosses yet left dudes like the Kingslayer with no hit detection when attacking you is freaking crazy. Great game, but the most frustrating game i have played. People will only hang for so long then move on.

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