Lament - A Mod About Death and Configurable Suffering

Hello, Exiles! I want to leave a note here about Lament, our mod about regretting bad decisions! Please read on for more info, and come join the Emberlight team in Discord:

What Is Lament?

Welcome to the end. Everything is terrible, and this is your life now. Prepare to Lament.

This mod provides alternative mechanics for dealing with character death. It is intended for players and server administrators who want life-and-death situations to be meaningful, but who may not be fans of corpse runs.

Getting Started

  • As an administrator, search in the admin spawn panel under the building category for any of the items called Lamenting Stone. Spawn yourself this item and place it in the world

  • Use the radial menu on the Lamenting Stone and choose the Configure option. This will bring up the Lament configuration panel

  • The Lamenting Stone section gives you options for each individual Lamenting Stone. Mod Settings gives you options which apply to every player character upon death

  • Read on for more information on Mod Settings and Lamenting Stones

The following settings apply to all characters on a server. They can be toggled on and off, and have additional sub-settings detailed below

You can configure these settings by accessing the radial menu at any Lamenting Stone. See below for more information on Lament Stones.

Equipment Durability Damage

Upon death, Lament damages the durability of equipment (weapons and armor) in the dead character’s backpack inventory, shortcut bar inventory, as well as any equipped armor and weapons


  • Starting Level. Characters below this level will not have their equipment damaged by Lament when they die

  • Damage Percent. The amount of durability damage applied to each item. It is a percentage of that item’s maximum durability.

  • Minimum Durability. Equipment will not be damaged by Lament if it is at or below this percentage of its maximum durability. If damage from Lament would cause an item’s durability to drop below this percentage, it will be lowered to this percentage instead[/list]

Corruption Gain

Upon death, Lament applies corruption to the player character. This is the same corruption as found elsewhere in the base game


  • Starting Level. Characters below this level will not have corruption applied to them by Lament

  • Corruption Percent. This is the amount of corruption applied to the player. It is a percentage of the player’s maximum health.

  • Maximum Corruption. Players will not have corruption applied to them if they already have corruption greater than or equal to this percentage. If Lament’s corruption application would raise their corruption higher than this percentage, it will instead be raised to this percentage[/list]

Drop Player Backpack

Upon death, Lament removes the items from a player character’s backpack and stores them in a secondary headstone object which is spawned near the player’s corpse. This headstone follows all the rules of a normal player gravestone and will decay over time exactly as a gravestone would. Interacting with an empty Lament headstone will destroy it


  • Starting Level. Characters below this level will not drop their backpacks when they die

  • Drop Weapons and Armor. Weapons, armor and horse saddles will be moved to the headstone upon death

  • Drop Ammunition. Arrows, bolts and throwing axes will be moved to the headstone upon death

  • Drop Consumables. Consumables such as food and potions will be moved to the headstone upon death

  • Drop Other Items. All other items will be moved to the headstone upon death

  • Destroy Old Gravestones All previous gravestones and headstones belonging to a player will be destroyed when they die, leaving only their most current. This is somewhat redundant with the base game server setting “Max Player Corpses”[/list]

Lamenting Stones can be placed by admins and used to further customize the way Lament works on their servers. All Lamenting Stones are functionally identical but have different appearances. You can find them by searching in the admin panel item spawner in the Building category for “Lament”. Any options configured for a Lament Stone only apply to that individual Lament Stone

Lamenting Stones...

  • …can only be placed by admins, and can only be interacted with by admins once placed. Any admin can interact with them, regardless of clan affiliation

  • …do not generate land claim and are not affected by the land claim of other structures

  • …cannot be damaged by any means, and can only be destroyed by an admin

  • …do not decay over time

Lament Aura

This Lament Stone will broadcast an aura that will grant either immunity from Lament death penalties, or cure Corruption, or both.


  • Aura Radius. The radius of the aura. This number relates to in-game distance in a way that I’m way too dumb to understand, so you’ll need to use some trial and error

  • Benediction. This Lament Stone’s aura will grant Benediction. Player characters with this buff are immune to Lament death penalties

  • Purification. This Lament Stone’s aura will grant Purification. Player characters with this buff will have their corruption healed over time, subject to the server’s Thrall Corruption Removal Multiplier[/list]

Mist Effect

A visual effect with no gameplay function


  • Color. Set the color of the mist

  • Scale. Change the size of the mist effect[/list]

Audio Effect

A spoopy sound effect with no gameplay function. I just learned how to do this, so it might suck


  • Volume. Set the overall volume multiplier of the audio effect

  • Radius. The audio effect will fall off gradually over this distance from the Lament Stone[/list]

This mod is, and will certainly continue to be, an effort driven by feedback from the community. I want to thank some folks here in particular for giving us some great insight and help along the way:

  • Gully, who’s really more of an “ideas guy” than a guy who does stuff. This dummy really puts the Special in Special Thanks and I’m pretty sure he’s only on this list because he had some stray electrical current juicing his brain at just the right moment, but nevertheless, here he is. Check out his private Roleplaying server, Phoenix Ex Umbra

  • The folks of The Bonded Ones, whose tormented wailing gave the breath of life to more than one good idea

  • Void from the CE Modding community, who is an Alpha Nerd

  • Joshtech, obviously

Greetings, Exiles! Lament has been updated and has new features!

After much requesting, the mod can now be configured to let players drop only their backpack items upon death, and can be further tuned to designate only specific items to be dropped. The user interface has gotten an overhaul, and Lamenting Stones have been added to let you create safe zones.

Check the original post for more details! Enjoy!

Lament is now on!

Now when our new friends from the Epic Games Store arrive, we can immediately fill them with regret!

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