Lands of Undaria Pvp Rp Server

:tada: Are you ready to embark on an epic journey through the savage lands of Conan? Look no further than Lands Of Undaria - the ultimate Pvp- RP haven for warriors and adventurers alike on PS4/PS5!

:european_castle: Immerse yourself in the rich lore of Robert E. Howard’s Conan universe, where every decision you make shapes your destiny. Forge alliances, and wage wars, in a vibrant role-playing community. you have the freedom to craft your character’s story as you see fit. Will you be a noble Hyborian warrior, a cunning Stygian sorcerer, or perhaps a rugged Cimmerian outlaw? The possibilities are endless! the choice is yours!

:crossed_swords: Join our thriving community and engage in exhilarating PvP-RP action, where alliances are forged and battles are fought for glory and honor. With over a year of history behind us, we’ve honed the perfect balance of roleplay and combat, ensuring an experience like no other.

:star2: At Lands Of Undaria, we prioritize quality over quantity, fostering a safe and welcoming environment for all adult players. Our dedicated staff works tirelessly to maintain this standard, so you can focus on crafting your legendary tale.

:rocket: Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime. Join us on PlayStation and Discord and discover a whole new world of roleplaying possibilities. Your destiny awaits in the untamed lands of Undaria!


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Come join Undaria and if you want the Skyshadow Tribe of the Stormhelm kingdom located in H8 near Telith’s Island

Tell them Nefertari Amon-Ra sent you

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