Last trophy, need help

I need to get the tower of the elephant trophy. Standing on a NPCs head does not work. Is there anyway to do this with out a friend? I don’t have any friends and I’m in a PvE no conflict server.

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No but you can do this find another player that needs that trophy make a coop server and create new characters then go to admins get about 50k sandstone foundation stack 2 foundations have the other player stand below the foundations then climb on top while carrying the rest of those foundations and walk off it on top of him and it should kill him then let the other player do that to you


That is the only way we were able to get the trophy

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Yeah that how another player and I got the achievement … we’re on Xbox

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:cry: Sad that you don’t have any friends. I’m guessing you are on PS4 since you called it a trophy. I’ll help you get it sorted out. Just DM me here and we can swap details.

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I’m having the same problem, see my related thread.

I’m out of town until Monday evening PST, at which point if anybody feels like helping me out I’d very much appreciate it!

@MusicallyMixed and @structurefall Since you both need this it might make sense for you to team up and get it done. I’m here to help should you need.

@Wak4863 Sounds that way, if @MusicallyMixed doesn’t mind waiting until Monday (and is in fact also on PS4!)

I haven’t tried single-player/co-op, but it sounds like this might be the best way to do the other trophy I’m missing, the “reach the skies above” one, as well.

Yes I’m down and I’m on PS4 with the same username. I can join whatever server your on. I left and deleted everything in the one I was on. Had a break up lol

How do you do this one ? I’ve tried to fly as high as possible in ghost mode on solo game on PS4 but it didn’t worked. SO far I’ve no clue how to do this one. With the Elephant Tower they’re the only two I haven’t achieved.

A friend stacked up a ton of foundations and when I mean a ton I do mean a ton. I climbed the top of it.

I want to say it’s 187 foundations from the river. Don’t remember for certain. Been a long time since I got that trophy.

Sadly enough my clan dies this alot to each other simply by accident. Earlier today i was climbing up a wall overencumbered. grip slipped, and i fell down on a clanmate. i landed on his toe and he died


You landed on his toe and he died? LOL!

Yeap apparently good footwear is important in conan

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