Lasting Feast reported but still not fixed?

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: North America
Mods?: None
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

Lasting Feasts (and possibly a few other feasts) have been altogether missing from the game ever since an update patch back in late December 2021. This was reported by many people over many different threads and was even acknowledged by our superstar @Dana :sunglasses: multiple times, who stated she would forward the info to the appropriate team to be looked into (see links below). However, the Lasting Feasts still cannot be crafted, nor do they drop as loot at the Mounds of the Dead as they used to. If it was Funcom’s intention to remove them from the game (as opposed to just accidently deleting them :man_facepalming:) then please remove the recipe as well so we at least know it is by design. I for one, would much rather see it reinstated back into the game as quickly as possible, it was a very nice feast to have on hand and very rewarding to get as a drop. :star_struck:

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. place all ingredients into the stove
  2. select Lasting Feast and start crafting
  3. get message that says: Unable to Start Crafting Items

The other broken feasts are the Hearty Feast and Cimmerian Feast.

Considering Lasting Feasts are part of the thrall diet, I doubt this was the result of a failed attempt at removing them from the game.


I just share my experience, because I use multiple mods, so my words are not relevant, but probably a bit helpful in any ways:
I could craft hearty feast and lasting feast.
However I use a mod called ‘epic feasts’, but can NOT craft the foods the mod gives.
I can finds lasting feasts in loot sources without a problem, BUT when this bug started, all of my lasting ones and hearty ones disappeared from my fridges.

I just spent a while now after returning to the game looking up foods to find what we needed, getting the ingredients, making the pre-crafted items, and then I get to the final step only to get an error stating that it won’t start crafting. After a little research, I find that the Lasting, Hearty, and Cimmerian feasts were broken around 3 months ago.

I really love wasting my time. :confused: Yes, that was sarcasm.

I came to the forums to see if there was any word on when a fix would be implemented if any.

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Nope. They acknowledged it when I first reported it on the day of the patch that broke it, but nothing since.

Next patch would be nice, but I’m not really expecting it before 3.0.

There seem to be other issues with the crafting tables. If I take something off while crafting, it will often stop progress on anything else in the queue, especially anything that is a multi-step craft. But it seems to do it either way.

I’m wondering if they’re looking to do an all-in-one fix for things so I’m with you on the idea that it may not be until the 3.0 release. It would be nice beforehand but I’m not expecting it.

Greetings Exiles,

Thank you for your report. We will raise awareness about this issue and ask the team to take it into consideration for a future patch.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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