Latest update; part 2 on Xbox live has trashed me

First update this morning on Xbox live for Conan was uneventful. Been playing a lot, and didn’t notice any drastic changes to single player.

Been playing for a couple hours, and the game went to; “you need this update, but we can’t get it now, try again later”.

I now have a black screen on my Xbox one x, and can’t get out of it. Tried restarting of course, but the box goes right back to black screen.

Anyone else?

Any ideas?


Btw, regardless of any kerfuffle, I do love this game sincerely. :slight_smile:

Hard reset isn’t helping either. Wow! This is pretty confusing.

Am I really the only one experiencing this phenomenon l?

Hey @Dailusan

Mind if I move your thread to the Xbox one subforum?
This issue you´re reporting, does it happen when you try to open the game?

UPDATE: It seems that Xbox Live is experiencing issues at the moment, which is likely the reason you’re experiencing this problem :frowning:

Ignasis, thanks for the fast response.

Of course to the move. I apologize as I had thought I was posting to the Xbox select discussion area. Noob, have to admit it. :slight_smile:

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Nothing to apologize for! Hope this problem is resolved soon :slight_smile:

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Thanks again!

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