What happen to conan

Game mode: PvP is there a alternate way to pass the corrupted data in the main menu so I can play the game

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The devs ■■■■■■■ on us console players whit the new update then they didn’t say nothing for 2 weeks yesterday they said they had a big announcement then today lgnasis community manager says there’s a fix for the console in certification an you can’t even reply onit an it says thinks for the feed back :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: all the feed back was negative guess that’s why you couldn’t give him anymore feedback

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Done with this company good luck tencent or is it good luck funcom😣


Would you rather play ark were it’s 10 times broken we have had problems but not as many I think I’m gunna wait this out

My fellow gamers the ps4 version is playing well hopefully they will get Xbox working properly soon.

I predict the hotfix will be released days before the new dlc, which will break everyrhing again, and land us all right back here, again.

I’m not Quasimodo, but i still have a hunch…

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And no, that msg will continue to be displayed as the update was corrupt. So downloading to reinstall, you incur the update. Which is the source of the corruption. But that’s the suggestion they made…just keep downloading a broken file…really?

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Ive learned going into single player and loading the map then exiting single and going to multi allows you to join and not get booted after this update. Figured that out last year when i started getting booted from the server when servers had more than 10 people. Its funcoms fault i have a 1 gig download speed so its not on my end.

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