Latin america servers down - give us some respect

Dear developers,

We in Latin America have been experimenting with offline servers for several hours since Friday and when they return they stay online for a short time and go offline again.

We understand that you are not able to respond individually to each open post on the subject (due to staff limitations).

However, it is necessary for the company to have respect for its customers and it does not seem reasonable to me that FUNCOM maintains a silent posture on such a relevant subject.

Since the company is not in a position to resolve the problem immediately, at least it should inform its customers detailing what is already known about the problem and, if possible, give an estimate of the deadline for solution.

See that many players are being harmed by the unavailability of a purchased product, where we do not have adequate technical support from you.

I have more than 5,000 hours of Conan gameplay and I know that such problems keep players away more and more, not because of the problem alone, but because of the company’s repeated communication failures with its customer base.

I hope you take action soon, as many players are already considering asking for a refund and abandoning the game permanently.

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No official answer on this. Maybe costumer service don’t work on weekends? Maybe they don’t have any clue why a whole region is off. Maybe last year’s catastrophe has happened again, all Latam servers wiped.
Yet again, having no reply from Funcom causes consumer damage.

Status offline…

They were swarmed by brazilian players anyway, they were unplayable. I hope they add br servers anytime soon.

Xenophobic speech…really?

First of all a lot of these servers are hosted in Brazil already (SĂŁo Paulo).

Second, some of them are only PvE content (in my case) so we dont have that much trouble on cheaters.

Third, we have cheaters all over the globe (not only Brazilians) and much of the problems with cheaters started a long time ago when FUNCOM itself didnt take any action on cheating reports.

Would be better if you stay silent than talking nonsense.

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I believe the problem is with Gportal, not funcom.

Remember that the official servers comes as a free service with the game, so i doubt it’s in funcom’s hand as the host of those servers are another company…

If thats the case why not tell the cliente base they are working with G-Portal to solve this problem e give us some deadline?

The worst cenario is keeping the player base in dark like this.

Official server 6302 is offline. is LATAM

We have merged all threads regarding this situation and provided an update in this thread:

Please continue any further conversation in there.
Thanks for your understanding.