Siptah LATAM server issues (6300-6308)

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Given the amount of messages sent over the past few hours, we’re going to merge all of them into this thread for easier visibility.
We’re aware of the situation and G-Portal is looking into it.

Apologies for the frustration.


official 6300 off , plz check

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Please check the 6303 too. Thanks!

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6307 too please.

they don’t give a damn to our servers… 6301 is off for 2 days, i have no reply from my posts and didn’t notify when it comes back, it’s sad to depend on developers who don’t care about their customers.


6308 off too

I don’t understand how anyone knows that the official 6302 server is down, and if they are, why don’t they mention something about it. Funcom, I don’t know what to make of it, whether it’s the conan bugs or the lousy server administration.

6307 off

Official 6305 off line ! any anwser for this? some estimated time to solve?

6305 offline , Jesusssss

Hello, some official South American servers “6301” have been offline since Friday, just stay online for 30 minutes and then stay offline for the rest of the day, what’s up?

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Game mode: [Oficial PvE 6307]
Type of issue: [Server OFF]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [America Latina]

[Describe the bug here]

Server Off again…

We neeed some attention here !!!
FUNCOM Where are you???

they don’t give a s*** about us, they have our money already!!!

I would like to know when server 6301 goes back online, it spent the whole weekend offline without receiving a warning that when the server would go down, it is sad to dedicate and spend money on a game, so the company does not care a bit about the players. I’m 48 hours wanting to know why I disconnect (with many itens in the middle of nowhere), or when it I will return … but they give NOTHING satisfaction !!! I bought 3 dlc this week and I dedicate myself every day to a pvp server, to receive it in return? it’s very frustrating !!! I am a customer and I have the right to know why my server was off and when it will return !!!

yesterday afternoon the server crashed and never came back, today it crashed in the morning and until now it is off. How long will we be without playing on this server? every day has a new problem …

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Status offline

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Game mode: Online official #6303
**Type of issue:**Crash
Server type: PvP
Region: LATAM

Near 16h (GMT-3) server #6303 show some lag and after few minutes turn in off and no more listed at server list or possible direct connect to do.

This problem started in the last three days always with the same behavior. The server starts with a small lag that increases and then we are disconnected from it.

From then on, it no longer appears in the list of servers and does not accept if you want its direct connection.

Is funcom aware of this problem?

I thank you for your attention and hope for the solution as soon as possible. I hope to have collaborated to solve this problem.

All the Official Servers of South America are off, does anyone know what is happening ???