Launch Patch Notes

Patch Notes June 27:

  • Updated animations for Elementalism overheating and cooldown effects on the Weapon Status UI.
  • Updated animations for firing shotgun shells on the Weapon Status UI.
  • Fixed a case where some weapon status sound effects would trigger every time the player was teleported or exited a cutscene.
  • Removed some cases where the “Marketplace is currently disabled” message was being displayed when it shouldn’t.
  • Increased the healing provided by Anima Overcharge during the fight with Beaumont.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the wrong rewards to be given out in level 50 dungeons.
  • Fixed a case where you could buy clothing for the wrong gender
  • Fixed a case where clothing that was unavailable for purchase would show a price of 1 anima shard in the inspection UI.
  • Fixed a case where attempting to purchase clothing without enough Marks of Favor would show a blank FIFO

Patch Notes June 29

  • Fixed an issue that could cause weapon energy to not regenerate on login.
  • Fixed several text cutoffs in French and German in the ability page UI.
  • Changed the color of equipment slots in the inspection UI to match the rest of the UI.
  • The auction house now requires a minimum price of 20 Marks of Favour to list an item.