Legacy of Calamity RP [X10] EU/ENG - Kits, mods, warps, safezone, epic loot drops, no gods

Legacy of Calamity is a roleplay server that thinks you should spend less time 

grinding and more time role-playing. That being said, we also don’t think that in a
role-play enviroment that you should ever feel like there is nothing left to accomplish.

  So we have added mods to the server that we feel give the game new

dynamics and more depth, one in particular “the age of calamitous” adds a great deal
to the base game, such as 7 different factions to choose from each with unique armor, weapons, and building materials, seemingly endless amounts of new resources, and my favorite part, new powerful monsters which are incredibly strong.
Needless to say the mod is very time intensive to reach the later tiers. For this reason
we have done what we can to help our players old and new to reach these milestones.

	For example we have set our rates to X10 for harvesting and XP.

Starter kit, Emote kit, and Loyalty kit all free with cooldown timers. Type /kit in game.

We have also added Epic loot to bosses, and set spawn points around the

map with dangerous npc’s that are quite difficult to defeat but drop late game
armor and weapons.

As you first awake in our lands and make your way through the desert you
may be lucky enough to stumble upon a shanty town with many helpful folk inside.

Here you will be able to get a drink with friends without fear of all the many
dangers that await you outside.(safe zone)

You can also trade with the vendors to see how much more money you will
need to get that beauty of an axe, or a lovely dress for the lady.

When you are feeling up to it you can gather with your friends and use one
of the many portals available to take on one of the many bosses across the land.

Be careful as you journey out into the lands as there are many threats lurking
and some of them cannot be defeated without help.

We are a community of role players, that being so we feel that you cannot
fully immerse yourself in the rp unless there is a lingering threat of danger
when dealing with other players, so pvp is turned on.

But randomly attacking someone is not allowed, you must have a proper
role-play reason to attack and declare your intentions with no uncertain
terms giving the other person enough time to react.

We are aware that Conan as a game has a very detailed lore, and our
mission is not to take away from that. But we want to give everyone the
option to hop in and role-play as whoever they are without fear of breaking
the lore or being forced to read bio’s, backlogs, and books and books of lore.

Simply put, conan is full of magic and mysticism. Where your character came
from and how they ended up here can be as simple or as complicated as you
want it to be.

It is our hope that all roleplayers who read this regardless of the genre will come
and weave their sorted histories into ours as we struggle to survive and search
for answers to our individual fates.

To learn more:
	Come on by the discord
        Or just come to the server 	ip: