Lemurian Royal Armor on Siptah?

As I am trying to get all the delving bench recipes I came across this video by FireSpark81:

In this video he “delves” a Lemurian Royal armor piece to get the recipe for War Court Garb. However, the dungeon in question (Palace of the Witch Queen) is on Exiled Lands, not the Isle of Siptah. So how can I obtain a Lemurian Royal armor piece?


There are Lemurian camps along the east coast, they’ll have the armour.

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Excellent, tnx!

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You’re welcome

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You can also do surges at the leyshrines. Should be the east focus if you are planning to do it.

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What bugs me here is the armour you can find is pretty standard in stats, I wish we could get the original recipe so we can create a better one in top tier bench with a thrall stat on it.

I’m not sure if the recipe exists on Siptah or if it drops, no one on my server seem to have it.
Same as for the Khari raider armour. And silent legion? Does anyone here know?

I kind of miss the top of the set along with the headgear…

(I do love using the War Court Garb though, light and a lot of str pretty usefull for dealing damage being mobile and consume less stamina).

Dude, you can get silent Legion set from the summoning pools. They do drop the pieces, which then uouncan use the delving bench to delve for the recipe. You either get the black knight or the silent Legion. Also, you should also get the silent Legion recipe from the central tower library. Just need to exchange the fragments of power for it.

The lemurian war court garb can also be dropped by the east focus surges. You just gotta do a t4 for it, 1k ???essence. Basically 20 greater would do it.

Not only that, there are other hidden armor recipes when you delve all the head pieces of each armor set. For eg, if you delve the Hyena set headpiece, you get Scavenger Fur set. Looks the same but with better stats.

The Khari armor is dropped from the west focus surges, the ones for the relic hunter types. There are mobs that drop that.

Wasn’t able to delve them last time, I will try again.
As for the tower recipes, I haven’t been lucky with the rng yet, got 3 times the medium one lol.

But thanks, this is most helpful!

The original one is what I ment, not the delved one? Do they drop the recipe so I can make a better version of the original one? The delved war court has the model of the stygian set top.

True I’m aware of that :slight_smile:

Yes I have the Khari armour… recipe even! :slight_smile: but I can’t create nor find the Khari raider one.

If you’re on singleplayer, you could take a quick trip from IoS to EL, grab every EL locked recipe, then head back to IoS

Khari can be delved, and the steel found in Stygian camps in the wells. I am not aware of any actual recipe for silent legion heavy armor.

I know the Khari, I have it, just not the raider one

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